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   Chapter 146 It Really Hurts To Look Back

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"I almost got married to Aron four years ago." Autumn was startled by Isla's words. It was not until then that Autumn realized, they had developed such an intimate relationship with each other.

"I got the chance to meet him at a dancing party. I found out that he had lost his parents when he was just a child, and that he was brought up by his grandparents. It was said that his family was very notable, but the real reason I was attracted to him was... I found that he was very devoted to doing charity work, and the second time I met him was at an orphanage charity event." Isla looked so radiant when she talked about this to Autumn; even her eyes flickered with light. "I often peered at him secretly during the event. Somehow, the director of the orphanage discovered my secret. Since then he always intentionally assigned us into the same group. Time passed and finally he asked me to date him."

Isla was cheerful as she spoke and then she went on, "You can't imagine how excited I was when I got the phone call from him. I asked my sister to go shopping with me to buy some new clothes for the date. But my sister insisted on going with me because she wanted to see what kind of man he really was. I thought it might be awkward for me to go on the date alone, so I brought my sister along with me. But I never expected that..." Isla smiled bitterly. She didn't expect that it would be the start of her nightmares.

"I got along very well with Aron at the beginning and he also took good care of me. Even though my sister Becky always made various excuses to go out with me and be the gooseberry, she did not cause any troubles for us. But everything changed on Becky's birthday, four years ago." Isla looked so distressed when she talked about this, but she understood that she had to let it go, and that she would have to learn to face reality sooner or later.

"At the time, I had already taken Aron to meet my parents and all of my family members were satisfied with him. They all said that he was a nice person and that he would also make a good husband. Every person in the village received the news that I had found a good boyfriend." Isla paused for a few seconds and then continued, "My dad lived frugally when he was young so as to sav

instead of me. It seemed like I was the guilty person in their eyes."

Isla was expressionless while talking. "My mom keeps forcing me to get married. I know that she doesn't want my relatives to talk about this matter again over again. She understands my bitterness, so she still hopes that I can find a nice man to marry me. I understand her point, but I... But I just can't control my bad temper."

"That's okay. Don't be upset. Your mom will understand you, Isla." Autumn comforted her softly. "Isla, let it go, and you have to move on, " said Autumn.

"I know. I know." After opening up to Autumn, Isla felt like someone had taken the weight of the world off her shoulders. The experience with Aron was like a heavy stone in her heart. "I have come around since I sent him the breakup message four years ago. I knew that since then he had nothing to do with me and I had nothing to do with him any longer, our paths wouldn't cross anymore.

And I heard from the servant at home that he kept looking for me for a long time. I was quite irresolute for some time, but then he just left quietly. Becky also pursued him then. My aunt said that they were getting engaged soon. I think... I think perhaps I should bless them." She was really shocked and flurried when she suddenly met Aron after many years. After all she had been deeply in love with him. But as time passed, things had changed. What she had to do now, was to learn from that experience, and accept that it is all in the past now.

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