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   Chapter 144 ·Survival of Paula

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Updated: 2018-11-18 00:22

"I..." Paula looked at Ryan with embarrassment and finally embraced silence, In clear deference to Ryan's words and not Autumn's.

"Mr. Zhou, I entrust those matters just mentioned to you. I will begin work from tomorrow morning." Autumn said calmly asserting her new position. Ryan uttered his consent outright.

Paula observed the situation, realizing that there was no hope left for her, she attempted to stop Ryan by pleading, "Mr. Zhou, is there any way you could manage keeping me in the company in light of my long and dedicated term served here. You can't just let her drive me out of here....."

"Let go!" Ryan pushed away Paula's hands in one strong movement and said, "Paula, now she is the head of Cloud Advertising Company. Even I have to obey and follow out her directions. There is absolutely no point of begging me for help. I am simply powerless in this jurisdiction."

" But... this is, after all, your company where you can conceive some plan to help me out of this situation." Paula felt anxious and scared about the prospect of uncertainty upon her dismissal.

"Too late! My hands are tied on this matter." Ryan forced a smile. As the saying went, "every dog has its day". Ryan sighed: "Paula, as you have worked with me for a long time I also don't want you to be fired this way. You better plead to Autumn for your survival here."

" But...."

"Do not hesitate any more! This will make a difference to your job. Be quick to keep up with her." Ryan heaved a long sigh.

Paula finally acceded, managed to catch up Autumn and she pleaded: "Autumn, please slow down."

"What is up?" Autumn turned around to ask Paula. Autumn and the other three were about to leave when Paula greeted them.

"I am begging yo

ong as anything important would be kept away from her.

Isla wanted to go back home before joining Cloud Advertising Company the next morning, however, Autumn countered, " Needless! I have booked a restaurant for our celebratory dinner."

" But..." Isla looked at Autumn in embarrassment, " How about next time?"

"Right now is perfect." Autumn escorted Isla off without wasting another second talking. Charles turned to Yvonne behind: " Miss Ye, we have something urgent to deal with. After one-day travel with us, it will be better if you go back and rest."

Yvonne remained silent and stood behind. She was upset and angry on learning that Charles invested Autumn with the control right of Cloud Advertising Company which he acquired.

'If I married Charles, I would be the one taking possession of what Autumn enjoys now rather than live in the maid room, ' she thought.

The fact that Charles excluded her from dining with them made Yvonne feel extremely bitter and wronged, however, she contained her resentment from Charles and said to Autumn: "Sister, I just received a call from aunt and she was telling me something about your grandma...."

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