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   Chapter 142 Your Company

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"That's not necessary." Yvonne stole a glance at Charles who was driving. She was afraid he would misunderstand it, so she immediately yelled to Isla, "Thank you for your kindness. But don't bother! I have someone in my heart."

"Well, you don't have a boyfriend right now. It's okay to meet more guys." Isla said to Yvonne, "Hey, I'm talking to you. Why do you steal glances at Charles from time to time?"

"I don't! Stop talking nonsense!" Yvonne was taken aback by Isla's words and yelled, "Stop it! I won't see other guys!"

"Never mind. I thought you and my friend were a perfect match. But since you don't want to give it a try, forget what I've said." Isla said indifferently. Yvonne was finally relieved as she thought Isla would stop. However, Isla continued to ask, "What kind of man do you like?"

"I refuse to answer that. It's my own business!" Yvonne answered coldly.

"Come on! Let's make some small talk. We aren't there yet." Isla gave a scornful smile and continued, "Well, is it because the guy you like is already taken?"

"Bah! That's nonsense!" Yvonne denied it at once. She dared not admit that she loved Charles.

While Yvonne was out of her wits, Charles parked the car and said, "Here we are."

Autumn raised her head and asked in confusion, "Cloud Advertising Company? Why do you bring us here?"

"Don't worry, you will find out." Charles answered with a mysterious smile. He had taken over the Cloud Advertising Company. Autumn had now become the General Manager of the company.

"Let's go." Charles held Autumn's hand and walked into the building.

Yvonne followed them. She was burning with jealousy when she saw Charles holding Autumn's hand.

Isla finally real

es to remember Paula's name. He said seriously, "You are fired!"

"Hahaha!" Paula laughed out loud and taunted, "What makes you think that you can fire me? Charles Lu, you were our client before and I dared not offend you. But now, you are not our client anymore. You are nobody here and you don't have the right to fire me. This is Cloud Advertising Company, not Shining Company. Understand?"

"I was unable to fire you before, but now..." Charles gave a tiny smile. Before Paula could say anything, Ryan suddenly realized something and asked Charles with a frown, "You... you are the buyer of Cloud Advertising Company?"

"No, I'm not." Charles smiled. He grabbed Autumn's hand and said to Ryan, "From now on, she is the General Manager of Cloud Advertising Company."

"Wh... what?" After Charles' announcement, Ryan, Paula and Autumn were all shocked. Autumn murmured, "What did you just say?"

"I said... this is your company now." Charles said to Autumn.

Isla had already guessed it. Hearing Charles's declaration, she walked to Autumn and said in a cheerful voice, "Autumn, congratulations. Now your dream has come true."

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