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   Chapter 141 A Good Talk

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"Autumn, since when has there been a mad dog running wild at your home?" Isla had never met Yvonne before, although she did hear of her. Without Autumn introducing Yvonne, Isla could guess who she was

Before Autumn could say anything, Yvonne standing nearby couldn't remain silent any more. She turned her gaze from Autumn to Isla and shouted, "Who are you to interrupt me?"

Autumn refrained from talking back. She knew she had had enough of Yvonne's bad temper. She was about to say something, when Charles stood up.

Since Yvonne moved in, Charles had been ignoring her. He looked through Yvonne and at Autumn. "Autumn, have you finished your breakfast? I would like to take you to a nice place. You can come with us, Isla."

"Alright." Isla was pleased with Charles'a attitude. She and Autumn got changed and were about to walk out of the door, when Yvonne rushed to Charles and gave him a flirtatious smile. "Charles, look at my sister. I'm her sister, but she is getting help from someone else to gang up on me. Anyway, I'm going to move into the main building tonight. The servants' house is dirty and small. How can I live in that place?"

Yvonne took Charles's hand tenderly and asked, "Charles, how could my sister treat me that way? After all I'm..."

"She can do that because she's the hostess of this house." Charles dropped Yvonne's hand and said with a straight look. "This is her house. She decides who can and can't live here. If you're not willing to live in the house for servants... That's fine with me. You can go back and live with the Gu Family any time."

Charles smiled bitterly. "Please tell me if you decide to leave. I can ask my chauffeur to drive you home."

"No, " answered Yvonne angrily and anxiously. How could she go back, like a beaten dog, with her tail between her legs?

She swallowed her pride and said to Charles sweetly, "Charles, I just got confused. I'm so sorry. Can you forgive me?"

Isla hated her callousness.

Yvonne swallowed

e. They have always been treating me well. Actually, they're really nice".

"Of course they are. Everyone knows that. Autumn has never been treated that way. Other people who don't know your family well might think you're their daughter." Isla giggled.

"Nonsense." Yvonne suddenly went pale with a very guilty look.

"Don't worry. We're only having a good talk, " said Isla, with a big smile on her face. "By the way, have you gotten yourself a boyfriend? I think it's time for you to get married and start having a family. Haven't you fallen in love with a nice boy yet?"

Yvonne looked embarrassed and lowered her head. She whispered in a low voice, "No, I don't have a boyfriend yet. My parents have been strict with me since childhood. Mom always said that a girl should have a reserved manner. She shouldn't have an intimate relationship with a boy before marriage. So, I have never had a boyfriend so far."

However the other three people in the car didn't believe her and felt disgusted at her lies.

Isla was trying to restrain herself from slapping her in the face, and said to her, "Well, that's really good. I have a friend. He's really good-looking, rich and most importantly, kind. If you have time, I can set a date for you both. If things don't work out, you can still be friends. What do you think?"

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