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   Chapter 140 Give Me A Satisfactory Explanation

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Isla never dreamed that she would see the man that she thought she would never see again. She panicked, fearing that he would run after her, all the way to her house. Having no way out, she called Autumn.

Autumn was about to take a bath when she heard her phone ring. She picked it up. "Isla, why are you calling me so late? Are you okay?" For a moment, no one answered. All she heard were the heavy gasps from Isla. Then she realized that Isla might be frightened. "What happened, Isla?" she asked, concerned.

Then she heard Isla's upset voice. "Autumn, can I... come to your house tonight?" Isla asked.

"Sure. Where are you? I'll pick you up now." After getting Isla's location, Autumn immediately picked up her coat from the bed and prepared to go out. "It's so late. Where are you going?" Charles asked, stopping her.

"A friend of mine is in trouble. I need to use your car, Charles." Autumn quickly replied. In this case, Autumn found it really inconvenient not to have a car. Charles had to go with her because he was worried about her safety.

On the way to pick up Isla, Autumn briefly told Charles about her. Charles found her clearly worried and distracted.

In Autumn's mind, Isla was a cheerful person who seemed to be carefree all the time, so this unusual behavior made Autumn suspect that she was having a big problem.

Then she remembered the last time she saw Isla not being herself...

Before she knew it, they had arrived at the address given by Isla. "Is that her?" Charles asked. Hearing his question, Autumn looked out of the car and saw Isla huddled alone on the curb, looking upset and tired.

"Isla..." Autumn unbuckled her seatbelt and ran towards Isla. It was a bit windy but not

is morning." Isla shook her head with a wry smile. She stayed here last night because she was too scared. She knew that escape would never solve the problem, so she decided to stop hiding. "Thank you so much for last night. I'll invite you two to dinner soon."

"How can we expect you to treat us to dinner?" Autumn, ignoring Yvonne, said to Isla as she served Isla breakfast. "Don't forget I owe you a big meal. You are here today. Why don't we have dinner together later?" she proposed.

"But..." Isla was about to refuse when Charles interrupted, "Okay, it's settled then."

He then turned to Isla and asked, "Isla, are you free later? I've prepared a great gift for my wife. Can you give me some advice?"

"Sure..." Isla agreed.

'What does Charles mean? What gift? Why don't I know anything about it?' Autumn thought, confused.

She opened his mouth to ask Charles, but Yvonne slammed the cutlery on the table, pointed at her, and cursed, "What the hell, Autumn! I am your sister. Why should she stay upstairs with you, and I have to live in a servant's room? If you don't give me a satisfactory explanation today, you'll be sorry!"

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