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   Chapter 139 I Have Missed You So Much

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Johnson was shocked. Although he had heard the tactics of Aron before, he thought that Aron was just a junior. Johnson wasn't used to his sharp, murderous eyes.

Johnson sat up and acted as the more senior one, looking Aron up and down carefully.

Aron was good looking, but he looked too reserved. This temperament did not show his age. Though Aron was young, he was a tough nut to crack.

His eyes were sharp and profound. Johnson felt very uneasy under his gaze, as if Aron could read his mind.

"Are you finished?" Aron said in a low and expressionless voice.

His tone was so firm that it intimidated Johnson, so he only nodded quietly.

"You are my elder, so I let you talk first. But now, you have wasted me twenty minutes so I will be brief. There are only two choices for you. You either resign or let go. It's up to you."

Johnson was so angry that he slammed his glass on the table. "How dare you?"

Aron held out his hand and his assistant immediately placed a file on it. He opened the file and took out a small piece of paper. He didn't pay much attention to what was written on it, but he was familiar with the style of the handwriting.

Upon seeing this, a woman quickly came to mind. 'What if I become a celebrity some day? My signature would be worthwhile then, so I have to practice my handwriting to a unique style so that no one could copy it.' He could hear the words she once said to him.

His assistant made an obvious cough to get Aron, who was absorbed in his thoughts, back to the present. Aron's eyes went back to being icy cold as he tightly and silently held the piece of paper.

Aron slammed the document file on the table. It contained record of Johnson's embezzlement and fraud all these years. All evidence was in there and Aron didn't have to say anything else.

Johnson was speechless, seeing the document. He never thought that Aron would find out. When he was about to explain, Aron had already put on his coat.

Aron's assistant pulled Johnson in a hurry and said, "Mr. Shen, my boss's point is very clear. Good nature is a source of wealth. There is no need for you to offend my boss because of someone else."

Of course, the so called someone else referred to Aron's brother who strove to drag Aron into the mire at any cost.

Johnson heaved a sigh. He did not expect that

ious?" She was relieved but she couldn't believe what she heard. "Well, then why did he want me to meet him here today?" Isla asked, puzzled.

Chou smiled softly and replied, "My boss is just curious about you. He said that it is his first time to meet a person who would take the initiative to pay for such damages. That is why he asked you to meet him here. You can dine with him and even make friends with him. Don't worry. He is a good person."

"Oh, I get it now." Isla was enlightened by his words. Isla furrowed her brows slightly. It sounded weird. She did smash his luxury car. So now that she came, she would like to meet him. At least, she should apologize to him and extended her appreciation.

When the elevator stopped on the 22nd floor, Isla felt her heart beating fast. She has not forgotten this floor number. She hesitated before stepping out with Chou.

Now standing in front of a familiar room, she felt like she was going to faint. Was it just a coincidence?

"This way please. My boss is inside." Old memories came rushing back. Isla stood in front of the door nervously and then let out a scream, dropped to the floor and burst into tears.

A few seconds later, a pair of shiny leather shoes appeared in front of her. A man handed her a tissue and asked, "Are you okay?"

In the next second, Isla jumped up, overwhelmed, as if she had seen a ghost. She pushed away the man in front of her and rushed out. The man whom she missed all this time had just showed up, but now she did not want to see him.

No, she dared not.

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