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   Chapter 135 Throw It Away

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Somehow she had a feeling that if Yvonne ever found out that she had feelings for Charles, she would have no chance at all.

"Is it strange for me to be here?" Yvonne sneered in a condescending manner this time. Those outsiders were worse than her. At least she could stay in Charles's house. Just as the saying goes, it is easy to fetch water when a river is near. She wouldn't let those women try to approach Charles.

"No…" Leila frowned. She didn't know why Yvonne disliked her so much, "Miss Ye, did I do something wrong? Why have you changed your attitude towards me?"

"Don't talk nonsense. Let me ask you, why are you here?" Yvonne didn't want to waste her time on Leila. She sneered, "What are you hiding behind you?"

"No… nothing." Leila was anxiously tongue-tied. She planned to visit Charles's home by surprise and didn't have any other purposes. She just wanted to see what kind of person Mrs. Lu was and remind her that Charles had a new secretary. But she didn't expect to see Yvonne here.

"Show me." Yvonne reached out to snatch the bag without hesitation. She knew Leila was hiding something. She could guess what was in Leila's mind, and she would never let her succeed.

Yvonne grabbed the bag from Leila and opened it. She froze completely at the sight of the men's suit. She took a closer look at it and realized that it was Charles's. A great rage aroused inside her. She asked loudly, "Leila, why do you have my brother-in-law's suit? What did you do to him?"

"I…" Leila was at a loss for words. Looking at Yvonne, who was burning with rage, she more or less realized why Yvonne had changed her attitude towards her. She had feelings for Charles too. Leila couldn't help but smile, coldly. She said deliberately in order to irritate her, "Mr. Lu left his suit at my home the night before yesterday. So I had it cleaned. Now I just want to return it back to him."

"Why did he go to your home?" Yvonne frowned tightly. Why? Why would Charles choose Leila rather than her? In what aspects was she any worse than Leila?

"The… the day before yesterday, we went to a dinner party. I had gotten a little drunk, so Mr. Lu d

"I…" Leila looked at Charles in front of her with a pair of plaintive eyes, and realized that Charles wasn't going to invite her in. She felt awkward as she was now standing beside his home and he didn't even want to offer her a cup of tea. Charles cast a sidelong glance at the clothes coldly and said, "Please do me a favor, throw it away. I don't need them anymore."

"Ok." Yvonne was filled with joy. She felt extremely relieved in her heart to see Charles treating Leila so harshly.

"You can go back now if you don't have anything else to do here." Looking at Leila's pale face, Charles said indifferently, "Keep in mind, please don't come to my house without my permission from now on. Do you understand me?"

Yes, she was his secretary, but everything between them was related to work and they should deal with matters of work within the company, instead of other places. Outside of the company, they were merely strangers.

Leila grew more and more pallid. Finally, she nodded and said to Charles, "Yes, Mr. Lu. I understand."

Autumn went inside when she saw Leila leave. It's really discomforting when you have a home but you can't go in when you want to.

When she stepped inside, she saw Yvonne talking to Charles. Yvonne said to him, "Charles, let me tell you this, Leila has her own agenda. She has feelings for you. You shouldn't do anything to hurt my sister and don't be tempted by those kind of women."

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