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   Chapter 134 Late For Work

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Charles didn't reply, but Yvonne took that as a yes. She went bouncing back to her room because she needed to get dressed up. She was glad that she could at least spend some time with Charles on the way to Shining Company. It was a good chance for her to seduce him. She thought that she would seize this opportunity.

She was beautifully made-up and she had also put on her favorite clothes. When she arrived at the front yard, she got an unpleasant shock. Charles had already left.

She assumed that Charles would wait for her, so she didn't worry about how she was going to go to work. But now…

When she saw Nancy passing by, she stopped her and asked, "Where is Charles?"

Nancy didn't like Autumn, but she found Yvonne also annoying. Yvonne was supercilious and impolite. Nancy glanced at Yvonne with scorn as she said, "Mr. Lu has gone to work. He said that he called a taxi for you. It will be here shortly. You can have your breakfast while you wait for it."

Nancy turned to leave when she thought of something and looked back at Yvonne, saying, "Oh, by the way, Mr. Lu said that if you are late he will cut your bonus."

Chris gave a chuckle of delight as she walked down the stairs. She heard what Nancy had said and was glad to see Yvonne standing there stupefied. She finally knew why Autumn smiled from ear to ear last night. Yvonne was like the dumb woman eating the bitter herb; she had to suffer in silence. Chris found the scene to be more enjoyable than hearing any jokes.

Yvonne heard Chris's chuckle and thought, 'It would be great if I could get a lift in Chris's car. After all, I can flatter Chris on the way to work. Sooner or later, she will be my sister-in-law.' Unfortunately, her dream didn't come true. Chris refused Yvonne directly, "I am sorry, we are not going in the same direction. You'd better wait for your taxi."

Then Chris shouted at the direction of the kitchen, "Nancy, where is my

er a lot.

She had no idea what Linda had said to make Yvonne so hostile towards her. She intended to ask Yvonne to dinner so that she could learn more about Mrs. Lu. Unfortunately, her plan failed.

Leila was in a bad mood after Yvonne had left. When she got home, and saw the suit jacket hanging on a stand in the living room, she had an idea.

She was looking for a chance to meet Mrs. Lu, but she couldn't find the opportunity. Since Charles's suit jacket was here, returning it would be a good excuse to visit Mrs. Lu.

Leila packed the clean, ironed suit jacket and drove to the Lu family house. When she stood in front of the Dream Garden, she thought to herself, 'One day I will be the hostess here, sooner or later.'

Leila took a deep breath and was about to ring the door bell when she heard Yvonne's cold voice. As soon as Yvonne arrived at Dream Garden, she saw Leila and asked with wrinkled brows, "What are you doing here?"

She had been cautious of Leila because Leila wanted to seduce Charles. According to her, Leila was a thief trying to steal Charles away from her. Thus, she wouldn't give Leila any chances out of the office.

"Autumn, why are you here?" Leila wasn't expecting to see Yvonne, so she hid the bag containing the suit jacket behind her back.

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