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   Chapter 133 In the Maid Room

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In the past, Wendy had always taken Yvonne's side, and Autumn was the one that got bullied. But, now that she was in her own house and Wendy wasn't around to take Yvonne's side, Autumn was curious to see what Yvonne would do next.

"That's bullshit! I said nothing like that." Yvonne felt afraid and intimidated as she looked at the servants watching her. She turned around to walk towards the front yard and said, "Don't be so cocky. Just you wait! I'll go ask Charles; who gave you the right to do this to me? I wonder what Charles and Gary will think when they find out that you arranged such a room for me."

"You wouldn't want to do that, " Autumn said frigidly.

"Well, it sounds like somebody is scared." replied Yvonne She sneered as if she was finally holding something over Autumn. She had specifically told Autumn that she wanted a room next to Charles's, but instead, she got a maid room, which was far away from Charles's. How was she supposed to seduce him?

"Scared?" Autumn couldn't help but scoff. It was for Yvonne's good not to ask for a snub.

"If not scared, then what? Autumn, you'd better not forget that you're nothing but a bitch who stole my identity. You're making me stay in such a crappy room in my own house, I'll make sure you pay for this insolence!" Yvonne threatened.

"Your house?" Autumn sneered. "It's my house now, so you will have to play by my rules. You either stay here and be quiet or you can crawl back to your own place. You'd better remember that, " Autumn retorted fearlessly.

"Just you wait and see. I'm telling Charles about this." Yvonne sensed a change in Autumn, as if she had turned into a totally different person. She didn't realize that it was Wendy and her that turned Autumn into the person she had become now.

Yvonne intended to look for Charles, but before she went any further, Charles walked in. She rushed to him and said, "Charles, look


"What joke? Tell it to me too!"

"It's late. Go to sleep." Charles went upstairs with Autumn. Chris was left there alone, where she stood, gloomily.

Charles had always been a little indifferent to Chris, but his attitude towards her had been getting worse ever since he had married Autumn, as if she weren't his biological sister. Chris blamed Autumn for this and resented her for a while.

After Autumn and Charles left, Yvonne wanted to leave Lu's residence immediately. She would rather die than live in such a dump. But on the other hand, it hadn't been easy for her to get there. She couldn't just leave like that.

She stood by the window. Charles and Autumn's room was lit up. She sneered and thought, sooner or later she would make Autumn live in the maid room too.

She would avenge herself for the humiliation Autumn had put her through today.

She lay in bed and didn't fall asleep until the wee hours of the morning. When the alarm clock set off, she got up, grabbed a coat, and went to the front yard. Charles had just come downstairs.

She straightened her silk nightgown and greeted him with a smile, "Charles, wait a minute for me, please. You're going to work anyway. Can you give me a lift? It's not so convenient to find a cab here."

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