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   Chapter 131 Yvonne Moved In

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"Shut up!" Gary snapped out his strict order. No matter what, Yvonne was a guest, and they were supposed to host her irrespective of personal matters. If they turned her away, the Lu Family would be rumored to be rude, unwelcoming and unfriendly. "Ye, she is your cousin. I'll leave the matter to your discretion."

In Gary's opinion, whatever Yvonne's purpose for this visit was, the problem should be settled by Autumn herself.

"Yes, grandpa." Autumn obeyed his order too.

But she knew exactly what the ground reality was. Even though it might seem like Gary was on Yvonne's side, he actually was not. In reality, he was laying down the facts and boundaries for Yvonne, by showing her that he was still entrusting Autumn with all the important matters. He also indicated that if at all she intended to stay the night, it would mean nothing. The only mistress in this house was Autumn. And if Autumn didn't want her to stay over, Yvonne had to leave.

But Yvonne was not smart enough to understand these subtle hints. Once she heard Gary's remark, she smirked triumphantly, as she thought that her efforts had born fruits. Before she came, she tried to lay down her trap and made several inquiries. And when she found out that Autumn was not at home, she decided to call Gary and chat with him, for a while, with an intention of making him like her. And her plans had succeeded as she thought, as it appeared to be.

Gary cast a glance at Yvonne, and said, "Rest assured, Miss Ye. My granddaughter is just a bit grumpy, please don't take it personally."

He then flashed a welcoming smile, "Since it's Yvonne's home, and you're Yvonne's cousin, please make yourself comfortable and feel at home. You can stay as long as you wish for."

Yvonne was delighted once she heard that, if not carried away. As she didn't get this one, either, she grinned, and thanked Gary, "Thank you, grandpa, for your generosity."

With now a displeased tone, Gary decided to be straightforward. He said with a frown, "Call me Gary, please. I am not your grandfather, Miss Ye. 'Grandpa' makes it sound like I have two granddaughters-in-law."

His tone was gentle yet his words wounded Yvonne's pride. Her heart felt like it was suddenly encased in ice as she was finally reminded that only Autumn was Charles's legitimate wife, who was accepted and loved by Gary.

"Yes, Mr. Lu...Gary." She quickly repeated while rectifying her mistake.

Yvonne had to be


Hearing this, Charles wanted to say something. But before he could start, Yvonne was now back on her feet, and said to him, "Charles, I don't think it is a good idea. Yvonne doesn't like the idea of me staying here, and I don't like it when I am unwanted. I... I can live in a hotel..." Yvonne sobbed as she prepared to leave.

Autumn was both angered and amused at the same time. Yvonne Gu was so good at blurring the distinct line between right and wrong. But fortunately, Charles knew who they were and what happened in the past, so she decided not to explain the obvious facts.

But what was Yvonne doing here? Was she trying to give Charles the impression that his wife was a bad woman, who turned her back to a damsel in distress?

"Wait." Charles called Yvonne back, and said, "Since my parents-in-law have entrusted you to us, you can't just go out and stay the night in a hotel. You will stay here tonight, and if you need anything, please tell my wife."

Yvonne lowered her head but revealed a triumphant smile. She knew that no one could resist her charm, or so she thought.

That said, Charles turned away and started walking towards his room. While he was far enough, Yvonne smirked to Autumn, and said, "Sis, please arrange a room for me. The closer it is to Charles's room, the better." She smirked triumphantly as she thought that Autumn must have gone mad with rage once she heard Charles had asked her to stay.

But Autumn was not angry, not one bit. In fact, she trusted Charles, just like he trusted her. And she believed that Charles must have his own plans when he agreed for Yvonne to move in.

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