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   Chapter 128 Sam is Leaving

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He had basically tried out all of the entertainment projects with Chris in the amusement park. At last, they got onto the giant Ferris wheel.

Each of them occupied one small passenger cart of the ride. Slowly and steadily as it ascended upwards, they looked down at the beautiful and picturesque city as it glittered through the night lights. Chris suddenly asked as she turned herself towards Sam, "Sam, if... you met me earlier, would you have fallen in love with me then?"

Perhaps all girls who carried the torch would ask such a question. Often when girls came down to asking this question it simply meant they had been in despair.

Despite knowing that this question would not bring any peace or reason to the fore, she still wanted to know why Sam didn't like her beyond friendship.

She stared at Sam silently yet impatiently, waiting for his answer, any answer that would put her out of her misery. When Sam looked at her, he saw her eyes were brimming with tears while twinkling with expectation. He didn't want to hurt her further and lead her on, so he mustered the courage and said, "If... if I could forget her, perhaps I would have a crush on you." 'It's just a hypothetical question. It doesn't matter if I do lie to her.

Besides, I wasn't really lying. I do have some feeling for her and these feeling that I nurture for her are beyond what one would develop for their friends, ' thought Sam to himself.

Chris's eyes brightened slightly with hope once she heard his response. Once the Ferris wheel reached its peak, Chris suddenly called out, "Sam." He had been watching the night sky with the bright moon. As he heard Chris call out his name, he turned to look at her. All of a sudden, his lips were touched by Chris's. Her kiss was light and tender.

Sam froze almost immediately. Once he realized what was going on, Chris had leaned back into her seat.

There was a tale revolving around a Ferris wheel. The tale stated that if a couple kissed when the Ferris wheel reached the top, they would get married and lead a happy life. This tale gave innocent girls yearning for love faith by believing in this ridiculous saying, little did Chris also put her faith in this story.

Once they got out of the Ferris wheel, they acted awkward around one another. While Sam went to get his car, Chris waited at the entrance of the amusement park.

Sam drove her to the Lu Family house. They did not exchange one word t

he didn't pay any attention to Autumn when she came in. One he finished the meeting, he found Autumn sitting on the bed with a furious look. With growing concern, he hurried to ask, "What happened? Who pissed you off?"

"Nobody, " she replied coldly. "Charles, listen to me carefully. From today on, if you meet any excellent bachelors, don't forget to consider them and keep in mind for Chris. I am sure that Chris can find a better man than Sam."

Charles was stunned by the sudden change in her attitude. 'Who told me that Sam cared about Chris?'

"My sweetheart, don't get angry about this."

Autumn responded, "I'm not angry."

The following morning Charles got up early. After he had a day-off, he got a lot of work to catch up on today. He noticed that Autumn had gotten up earlier so he asked, "Why didn't you sleep a little longer?"

Autumn replied, "I couldn't get myself to sleep. I still haven't found a job. So I intend to look around to see if I can get an appropriate job."

"You don't need to hurry to find a job. I can take care of you and your expenses..." Before Charles could finish his sentence, Autumn said as she moved closer to him to help him wear his tie, "Enough! I am not that sort of woman who needs her husband to take care of her. Besides, I have confidence in finding a job. After all, I am an experienced and competent woman who can handle her work professionally."

Charles said with a content smile, "Of course you are. You are my wife. I am sure you are a competent woman."

Autumn couldn't control her laughter and said, "Garrulous! I know that you want to praise yourself."

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