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   Chapter 127 Amusement Park

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Gary sighed, reading the thoughts of her granddaughter. He knew she didn't want to put Sam in a difficult position. She had never striven for something she truly wanted. Gary wondered where she inherited that particular trait.

After Chris's clarification, Gary knew he could no longer say anything about the matter. The atmosphere during that night's dinner was filled with discomfort. After the dinner ended, Chris knew she had to go ahead, having lost the mood to say goodbye. She was about to go to the parking lot when Sam stopped her on her tracks. "Chris, I have something to tell you."

Charles had never liked Sam. He knew that Sam never saw Chris in that way because Sam has feelings for Autumn. In an attempt to save Chris from getting more hurt, he stepped forward, trying to get in the middle of their conversation but Autumn and Gary stopped him from doing so.

"Don't, "

Autumn said, shaking her head.

Autumn had known Sam for a long time. She knew what kind of a person he was. Despite being undecided about his feelings, she knew he would come to realize that Chris was the best woman for him.

Gary felt the same way. "I believe Sam will come to realize his true feelings for Chris. It would be better for him to undo what he has done. Chris should be able to accept the consequence no matter what it is, " he told Charles.

Recently, Sam had been constantly visiting Chris, which led Gary to think about that there might be something there. Gary believed that if Sam really didn't feel anything, he wouldn't care for her as much as he did.

Gary would be very happy if they ended up together. If not, at least they should know how to be able to make things clear.

Charles stopped talking despite the frown in his face.

"Let's go home first." Before getting in the car, Gary made sure to leave a reminder. "Sam, Chris has a sprained ankle. It would be the best if you could drive her home after you're done talking."

"Sure, Mr. Lu, " promised Sam. He asked Chris to get inside his car but she refused to follow h

am but he had always taken it for granted. Fine! She could admit to herself that she had been blind before. But from now on, she would stop caring and paying him any attention.

"I'm tired. I want to go home." she said as she turned her head, forcing herself not to look at Sam. Seeing her pale reflection in the window brought her to tears.

Stubborn as she may be, she must force herself to admit that her heart was broken and she needed to move on.

"Chris, would you look at me?"

Sam asked, forcing Chris to look at him. "I am so sorry. Can I please make it up to you?"

"Make it up? How would you do that?"

Chris choked in between sobs.

"I know that you have long been looking forward to come to the amusement park. But you've always failed to go due to all kinds of reasons.

Let me take you to the amusement park this time. Okay?" he offered, pointing at the entrance of the amusement park.

Sam picked her up, knowing that she hadn't fully recovered from her sprained ankle yet. "It's closed, Sam. Stop fooling me, " yelled Chris as she cried harder.

"Wait, " he said, calling someone in his phone.

As soon as he hung up, lights in the amusement park lit up. Colorful lights illuminated the empty park as the gates opened.

"Shall we go?"

Sam asked, offering his hand. This was perhaps the only thing that he could do for Chris.

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