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   Chapter 121 Isla's Resignation

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Despite the frown on her face, Autumn made no response to Mr. Yi's piercing sarcasm. When it came to decision-making, she knew that Mr. Zhang had the final say.

"Isla!" Mr. Zhang shouted with a grim face.

Isla, who was just waiting nearby, came back quickly when she heard her name being called. "What's the matter, Mr. Zhang?" she asked, not knowing about the conflict that just happened.

"Isla, are you out of your mind? How can you recommend someone unreliable to our company?

Now, it's either you tell your friend to cancel her job application or someone might be laid off. Do you hear me?" he exclaimed, clearly exasperated.

"What happened, Mr. Zhang?" Isla asked out of confusion.

She looked back at Mr. Zhang as she gave Autumn a questioning look.

"Excuse me Miss, is she your friend?" Mr. Yi asked Isla unexpectedly.

"You'd better keep people like her at a distance or else you'll risk having your own reputation dented, " he said politely, noticing how attractive she was despite being sharp-tongued and ill-tempered.

"Autumn has been set up, " Isla said, quickly understanding the reason for Mr. Zhang's anger.

He must have heard the rumor that had spread in the whole advertising circle about Autumn. "I have known Autumn for years and I can vouch for her integrity. She must have been discredited by others, but she is the last person who can do such a thing, " Isla said, defending her friend.

"How dare you talk back to me! Do you really want to be laid off?"

Mr. Zhang snapped, knowing that he would never have the courage to hire Mr. Yi's sworn enemy.

"I'm warning you. It's either she leaves or you two will leave together."

He snarled, pointing at Isla's nose, "Didn't you hear? Mr. Yi said that

Your friend doesn't have loyalty and integrity! Our company has no place for such a dirty rat."


Isla, who was meant to argue for her friend, was stopped by Autumn in mid-sentence. "Forget it, " she said.

She was merely trying her luck today, but it turned out she didn't have much. Coming across Mr. Yi wasn't something she expected.

It wouldn't be worth it to lose Isla's job just for her sake. "I'll just go, " she said, realizing that she could do nothing about the current situation.

Before leaving, she caught Mr. Yi casting her a glance with a smirk on his face as if to say, 'You see, I said you'd regret about everything'.

He continued to talk, putting her down with his words. "Miss Ye, I don't t

ubt you can do it, " Isla asked while they are eating.

She only had the chance to ask her now, but Isla had been meaning to ask her friend about this.

"I actually have, " Autumn replied with a faint smile.

"But as you know, my family condition hasn't improved. My grandmother is seriously ill and I have to pay her medical bills. I don't have spare money lying around to help myself start running a company."

"But you are married to Charles Lu now. He can surely help you, " Isla said, confused. From her perspective, setting up a small company was a piece of cake for such a wealthy man like Charles.

Autumn frowned slightly upon hearing her words, for they reminded her of the wealth gap between Charles and herself. However, the very fact that Charles was far wealthier than Autumn had made her more independent and stand on her own feet.

"I did marry him. But it doesn't mean that I will be totally dependent on him. I've always believed that I need to achieve what I want by myself. I also want to be able to prove to others that I did not marry him for his money."

She had her own principles and values that she firmly held on to. A marriage that is born out of a happy coincidence made her more keen to protect their love and their relationship.

She didn't want to be known as a fraud, fearing that others might accuse her that she was up to something.

"I'm afraid that you might be thinking too much, " Isla said casually.

"You two are husband and wife. You can simply get rid of those worries if you will communicate your concerns to your partner. Live your own life and don't let other people's opinions affect you."

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