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   Chapter 120 Running Across Mr. Yi Again

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Autumn remembered her grandmother's concern when she was still living with her. She would always say, "Autumn, I'm already old. I can proudly say that I have no regrets about my own life. But it would be a huge pity if I can't see you walking down the aisle in my remaining years."

Every time she heard those words being uttered, she would rush into her grandmother's arms and tell her that she wouldn't get married and that she would always be with her for the rest of her life.

"You silly girl, " her grandmother would always reply with a doting smile on her face.

Now that she was married to the man she loved most in the world standing right beside her, it is so unfortunate that she doesn't have the chance to personally tell her grandmother.

"Sweetheart, why are you crying?" asked Charles, smiling as he wiped the tears from her face. "There are so many reasons to be happy. Don't cry, my love."

Autumn nodded, trying her best to hold back her tears. "Can I ask you a favor?" she asked.

"Of course. What is it?" replied Charles with kindness in his voice.

Autumn, hesitating for a while, finally said, "Now that we're officially married, I want to find my grandmother and let her live with us. I have tried my best to look for her in every hospital in Y City but I can't seem to find her. I don't know what to do."

Autumn thought to herself, 'My grandmother is my only relative who truly cares about me. I must find her no matter what. I need to find her.'

"Don't worry. I have already sent people to look for her. It won't take long before we get some news, " said Charles, patting Autumn's shoulder. "Shall I drive you home now?"

"No, thank you, " she replied. Relief washed over her after hearing Charles' words. "Drop me off there, " Autumn said, pointing to the intersection in front.

"Okay, " Charles obliged. Knowing how worried she was about her work, he stopped himself from asking anything. Instead, he just told her to take care and go home early.

Autumn printed out several copies of her resume and went to the Dark Blue Company where Isla was working. She called Isla as soon as she arrived downstairs.

Isla immediately hung up the phone and went downstairs to meet her. "Autumn, my boss is busy at the moment. I want you to know how incredibly difficult it is to get you the interview. Remember to show him your best planning case. Make sure you'll impress him with your talent and capability so he'll come to realize how stupid he's been for refusing to give you

you changing your mind?" asked Mr. Zhang, clearly confused.

As he glanced at Autumn, he suddenly realized that she might be the reason why Mr. Yi reacted in a different way. "Mr. Yi, if you think that she is not fit to be our employee, rest assured that we will never recruit her."

"I'm not an unreasonable person. But you should know that committing plagiarism and living off one company while secretly helping another will not be tolerated here. What an interesting coincidence is that Miss Ye did both. If you're going to recruit her in the company, you're signing up for trouble, " Mr. Yi said, smiling cruelly.

"Miss Ye? You are Autumn Ye?" asked Mr. Zhang. He had heard about Autumn, seeing as she had provoked a lot of discussion in the company. He agreed to interview Miss Ye because of Isla's recommendation, given the fact that the company was also in dire need of new talents. However, he didn't expect that she was Autumn Ye.

"Yes, " Autumn replied.

Standing firmly in front of Mr. Zhang, she continued. "I know that there are rumors about me in the company. But here's the thing. They are just rumors. It is not the truth and they haven't proven anything. I know I deserve a place in the company because of my talent and capability. I'm sure that you'll give me a chance after you've seen my planning cases, "

Autumn said confidently without arrogance, believing in her own capabilities.

"Miss Ye is really good at plagiarizing. Of course she'll say that, " said Mr. Yi as he sneered at Autumn.

He was trying to tell Mr. Zhang that no matter how great her planning cases were, they were all plagiarized and therefore didn't hold true value.

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