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   Chapter 119 Getting The Marriage License.

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"Why?" Charles frowned. It was already settled. Why did she suddenly change her mind?

"I..." Leila sadly looked at Charles then lowered her head in silence. "This is Linda's job. There are still many things I am not clear about..."

"Get to the point. Don't waste my time." Charles interrupted. He didn't want to listen to her beating around the bush.

Leila still kept her head down and replied, "Mr. Lu, I noticed that Linda did not feel well this morning and I took the initiative to ask to go with you to the dinner party. But she seemed to have issues with this. She was reluctant to help me when I asked her about the plan of the case. I don't want our relationship to go sour because of this. So..."

Charles frowned and said lightly, "It's all decided and there is no need to change. If there is anything unclear about the work, you can ask David."

As soon as Charles finished, he hurriedly walked away. Leila had planned to find an excuse to keep him from leaving, but watching Charles disappear with quickened steps, she couldn't help stomping her feet in anger.

Linda was relieved when she saw that Leila's plan had failed. She looked at Leila and smirked, "Did you see? Mr. Lu only has his wife in his heart. You can't win."

"It's my own business and not your concern." Leila left, feeling furious. If it was not for David's presence, she would have thrown a tantrum. But she knew she couldn't.

She had just gained some footing at the Shining Company and she didn't want others to know her character and true intentions.

When Charles arrived home, Autumn was still looking for a job on the internet. Since she received no news from any company that would be interested in her resume, she decided to personally drop by a company this afternoon to try her luck. She was going to convince the people there of her abilities and qualifications, even if she got refused.

Charles pushed the door open. Autumn turned her head at the sound, surprised to see Charles in front of her. "Shouldn't you still be at work? Why are you home so early?"


s very nervous, waiting for her reply. What if she refused?

"Should... Should we go back to get the household registration booklet?" Autumn asked nervously.

"I have prepared everything, don't worry." Charles said with a smile.

After the meal, Charles took her directly to the Department of Civil Affairs. He opened the trunk of the car and took out a large red box full of wedding candies. Autumn was surprised at the sight of the candy box. She asked, "When did you prepare this?"

"It's a secret." In fact, he had no experience with important matters as getting the marriage certificate. Thanks to Gary who had reminded him to bring this with him, he could give out the candies to others to share their happiness.

Autumn felt a little shy and embarrassed. Charles wore the happy smile all the way when they were there. He took the large red candy box and gave out the candies to the staff and other newly-weds in the waiting room. All the people who received the candies said "Congratulations" with a smile. Autumn hesitated and walked to Charles. She stood beside him and beamed at other couples and replied, "Congratulations, too!"

After she got the marriage license, she held it in her hand. It was light in weight, but it weighted so much in her heart. It was so precious.

As the wind blew in from outside, her eyes became red because of the excitement.

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