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   Chapter 118 Crying

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Linda was enraged by what Yvonne said in a causal tone. She sneered, "Is it true? I saw her take breakfast for Mr. Lu and enter his office this morning. When she came out, she said Mr. Lu asked her to accompany him at tonight's banquet. I'm not good at kissing Mr. Lu's ass. After all, I am his secretary and not his caretaker. Mrs. Lu is the one who should take care of him. I won't exceed my duties."

"You must be kidding…" All the women in the office desired Mr. Lu. After he got married, a sensible lady would have to give up her unrealistic dreams. But an unconscionable one who has been obsessed with Mr. Lu would be angry to hear that someone else was pleasing him. "How could Leila do that!"

"What did you say?" Yvonne sat not far away from them. When she heard their conversation, she put down the fashion magazine and asked, "Is that true?"

"Of course." Linda nodded as she replied, "I saw her enter Mr. Lu's office. She bought breakfast for him. Also, last night Mr. Lu worked overtime and she stayed late and bought supper for him. Autumn, I heard you are Mrs. Lu's sister. When you go back home, you'd better tell Mrs. Lu to watch her husband."

The first day Yvonne started work, everyone knew she was Mrs. Lu's sister. However, no one talked to Yvonne actively because of their jealousy of Mrs. Lu.

Leila had heard of Yvonne's background and she intentionally tried to get close to Yvonne. As a saying goes, "Knowing the enemy and yourself, you can fight a hundred battles and win them all."

She wanted to know more about "Mrs. Lu."

Leila intended to use Yvonne. So did Yvonne, the other way around.

She entered Shining Company in order to get close to Charles. But she failed to be his secretary. Now she had no choice but know more about Charles through Leila.

She never thought Leila had feelings for Charles.

Yvonne felt betrayed. She walked out of the office without speaking a word, and took out her cellphone to call We

voice that was scarcely heard, "Linda, you are not me. How could you know Mr. Lu had no interest in me? I heard that you tried to seduce Mr. Lu, but you failed. Don't worry I will learn from your mistakes and won't fail like you."

"What are you talking about?" Linda shouted as she raised her hand to slap Leila with rage. Before her palm slapped Leila across the face, there came Charles's voice, "What the hell is going on here?"

"Mr. Lu!"

"Mr. Lu!" Almost at the same time, they stood to face Charles as David rose to ask, "Mr. Lu, are you going out?"

"Yes, I am going back to have supper with my wife. Speed up the case of buying Cloud Advertising Company, " Charles ordered flatly. He turned and left without asking why the two women were arguing.

Linda was relieved that Charles was leaving. Because she made a big mistake, it seemed that Charles no longer trusted her any more.

The scene was obvious. It seemed like Linda was bullying the new comer, Leila.

As Charles left, she did not expect Leila to cry and run after Charles.

"What are you doing?" Charles asked as he grabbed her hand and and pushed her away.

Leila wasn't embarrassed. She stood facing Charles, tears streaming down her face as she said, "Mr. Lu, at tonight's banquet, you'd better take Linda with you."

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