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   Chapter 117 Use Yvonne Against Leila

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But Leila was no longer the old, nice Leila. When she had just started her work in the Secretary Department, she was unfamiliar with anyone, and had to rely on Linda. But now, she had become independent and strong, and didn't need to suck up to Linda. When the time was ripe, she would overtake Linda, bit by bit until she would replace Linda, and become a capable assistant to Charles.

With that swirling in her mind, Leila let out a scornful chuckle. It was not the right time yet. For now, she would let Linda have her day for a while longer.

At the same time, Charles had asked David to come to his office, intending to ask him to investigate the rumors about Autumn. Out of Charles's expectation, David frowned and said, "Mr. Lu, I have heard the rumors about Mrs. Lu, and I am wondering whether I should tell you about it."

"Tell me what's going on." Charles said with a slight frown.

"Cloud Advertising Company was the one that planned our annual celebration before you cancelled our cooperation with them. Then yesterday when I visited Cloud to pay our bills, as I walked out of their finance office, I heard several staff talking about Mrs. Lu. I then lurked in the corridor for a while and listened. What they said about Mrs. Lu was outrageous." At that time, David was furious, but all he could do was listen and report it to his boss, "Do you remember someone we have met before named Paula? She was the one who started the rumors, and fabricated many stories to ruin Mrs. Lu. "

Since Autumn left the company, Paula was always reprimanded by Ryan. She hated Autumn more because of that. As far as she was concerned, Autumn was the root cause of all her troubles. Driven by hatred, Paula started to speak ill of her. And Ryan, because he was turned down by Autumn, allowed Paula to do that.

"So now word is getting out that Mrs. Lu is a treacherous copycat. And no company wants to employ her." David looked at Charles who have fallen silent with a sour look on his face. Obviously, it was him that had caused Autumn lots of trouble.

"Speaking of which, how is Cloud doing now?" After a long pause, Charles asked calmly.

"Cloud's accounts have been in trouble. And since we have severed all ties with them, the company is at a dead end. Right now, Ryan is like an ant on a hot pan, but can't do anything to save his company, except scratch his head."

"Can we buy the company?" Charles thought out loudly, fingertips tapp

k she's planning for anything, but..." Linda hastily waved to the girls, and put on a worried look.

The girls were intrigued. One of them said, "But what? What has happened? Miss Zhao, please tell us!"

Linda paused for a while, wondering whether she should tell the girls. Then she let out a resigned sigh, and said, "You know I have been taking charge of Mr. Fang's case. But this morning, Leila suddenly paid a visit to Mr. Lu's office, and Mr. Lu suddenly announced that Leila would entertain our clients tonight instead of me. See? She's only been here for a very short time, but has already been entrusted with such an important task. Dare she say that she got this opportunity with her abilities? Dare she say that it was fairly done?"

Linda flashed a bitter smile, "Leave aside how much bonus there would be if the case were completed. Do you think it's reasonable that she will go but not me? She's just a newbie here!"

The girls exchanged glances, and said, "Well, it's not that bad. Perhaps Mr. Lu intended to have her help you with your work. Since Jenny left, you've been the only skilled employee in the Secretary Department. You've been exhausted. Perhaps Mr. Lu has also seen that and he wants to free up some of your load."

"That's true! Leila is merely new here. In Mr. Lu's heart, she's not even half as important as you."

Hearing that, Linda sneered. She turned to Yvonne, and asked, "Autumn, what' your opinion on this?"

Yvonne was good with Leila. When Linda called her, she raised her head, looked at Linda, and calmly said, "I think it could only prove that Leila is more capable than you."

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