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   Chapter 116 Leila's Intentions

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"Charles, I am a grown woman. Do you think it's appropriate for you to barge into my room without knocking?" Chris protested.

"So you know you're a grown up now, huh?" Charles scolded, expressionless, "Why didn't you just grow up and stop being so stupid last night?"

"You..." Chris frowned as she got exasperated at his accusation. She asked in resignation, "So you are here to blame me for last night?"

Charles didn't answer, but asked, "What did you do with my wife last night?"

"We just ate hotpot and did nothing else." Chris pondered hard for a long time, but failed to remember what had happened last night. She asked in confusion, "Charles, why are you asking me this?"

"She's been in a bad mood. I wanted to figure out if you had bullied her." Before he could finish, Chris jumped off the bed and shouted angrily, "Charles, you are getting way out of line! How could you think that I bullied her?"

"Well, you better not." Charles continued, expressionless, "It's time to go to work. You won't... go to work like this, will you?"

"I..." Chris lowered her head and looked at herself. Autumn had helped her change her clothes, but her body still smelled of wine. On second thought, she wasn't in the mood to see Sam yet. She sighed and said, "I'll be staying at home today."

After hearing that, Charles turned around and was about to leave. But Chris stopped him as she saw her swollen leg. "Charles, wait."

"Anything else?" Charles turned and asked.

"After we left the hotpot restaurant yesterday, we ran into a fat man. He pushed me down to the ground, and that's how I sprained my ankle." It vexed Chris to think of the fat man. She added, "The man also teased Yvonne. He said that she had a bad reputation in their industry. Charles, may be that is why she is not happy."

"Got it."

but I can't do anything to change Mr. Lu's decision. Maybe he wants me to learn something because I'm a newcomer. Linda, please don't be angry."

Leila spoke sincerely, "Linda, I'm your apprentice. No matter what position I will be in, I will always respect you."

"Enough!" Linda sneered. Even though Leila had been polite to her all this time, she was not pleased with Leila at all.

Linda was not a big-hearted woman. Leila had won almost everyone's approval, and she even snatched her job now. Linda trembled with anger.

"Leila, you are Mr. Lu's favorite secretary now. I'm no match for you. How can I be angry at you?" Linda took a document folder, stood up and said, "I have work to do now. You have to take a close look at Mr. Fang's company profile and please don't embarrass Mr. Lu."

Then Linda left without turning her head. Leila narrowed her eyes as she stared at Linda's receding figure.

When Leila found out that Autumn had a close relationship with Charles, she had made up her mind to get close to Autumn, so that she could get close to Charles. She could tell from Linda's manners that Linda had some feelings for Charles. But Leila was sure that Charles would definitely be hers.

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