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   Chapter 114 Private Chat

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Autumn was about to turn around and leave when she heard a familiar voice come from behind her. "Ye, why don't you come upstairs?"

"I was just passing by." Autumn smiled at Leila who was standing behind her. Several days passed and Leila had changed completely.

Leila had behaved and dressed in an innocent manner before, but now, she looked different. Now, she was more like Yvonne.

Besides, the expression in her eyes was different.

"Why're you here?" asked Autumn indifferently. "I don't think you're off duty at this time of a day."

"Mr. Lu said he would be working late tonight, so he asked me to buy some food for him." Leila gave Autumn a big smile. "Mr. Lu doesn't know how to take good care of himself. He asked me to buy some bread, but he needs real food. Am I right, Ye?"

Autumn remained silent. She frowned when noticed Leila talking about Charles, glowing with happiness, just like Yvonne.

"Ye, are you with me?" Leila patted Autumn on her shoulder. "What's wrong? Are you all right?" asked Leila.

"I'm fine, " said Autumn, shaking her head. "Aren't you gonna buy food for Mr. Lu? Go ahead."

Autumn felt convoluted. She felt uncomfortable when women talked about Charles like that.

"I almost forgot that, " said Leila. She checked time on her wristwatch and said, "I should be leaving. I heard that a new restaurant nearby had just recently opened, offering some really delicious porridge. I might have to wait in line if I'm late. See you later."

Before she went too far, Leila looked back and shouted, "Ye, I haven't expressed my thanks to you for helping me with my work. When I have time, let's grab dinner together."

Autumn felt a strange sense of alienation and disappointment as she watched Leila disappear into the distance.

In the past, those matters wouldn't have affected her, because she knew that she would leave Charles sooner or later. Now that they had established a more intimate relationship, she wanted to see herself standing beside him more openly in the eyes of the public.

She hated the

, as she winked at Autumn. "If possible, you and Charles can introduce me some eligible guy. I'm old enough to get married and start my own family."

"Have you completely given up on him already?" asked Autumn with admiration. Chris had chosen to forget her love for Sam. She had attempted to win his heart, but failed. Now it was time to move forward.

"What else can I do?" Chris smiled bitterly. "I have already invested too much on Sam. I tried hard, but he never loved me. There's no need for me to look for any more trouble. Besides, It's time for me to move on and find someone else."

The young people always think of love above anything else. When they get older, they will desire for a more stable relationship and the harmonious family life.

Sam could give her neither, so she had chosen to give up.

"In that case, as far as I'm concerned, you better resign from HKind Group so that you don't feel uncomfortable meeting him there again." Autumn's proposal was refused by Chris. "I know both you and my brother want me to work for Shining Company. But as I have said before, my ambitions and specialty fit the requirements of HKind Group. So I won't quit."

Autumn sighed at Chris's stubbornness, and decided to drop the topic. "Since you have made up your mind, I won't hold you back. Whatever you want to do, you have my full support, " she said.

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