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   Chapter 113 Reunion of Old Friends

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Because Isla insisted on asking her about her love affairs, Autumn told her the truth about having gotten married just recently.


You got married? Who is your husband?

Is he handsome?" Isla asked her too many questions in one go. Autumn smiled and asked Isla, "Which question do you want me to answer first?"

"I don't care. You must answer my questions honestly. Tell me why did you get married secretly, without even inviting me. Don't try to lie to me, otherwise I'll beat you!" Isla said with dissatisfaction.

Isla was from another city, so she had no close friends other than Autumn in Y City. Isla and Autumn had promised each other that when either one of them got married, the other would be her bridesmaid. But now, Isla was a little annoyed at the fact that Autumn had gotten married without even informing Isla.

"Isla, don't be angry. I didn't do it on purpose. Forgive me, please." Autumn sighed. Then she told Isla everything. Isla got indignant when she learned that Wendy had compelled Autumn to marry a complete stranger.

"Wendy is so evil! She had never given you her love. I once hoped that when you'd become an independent woman, you would be able to get rid of her from your life, but now it feels like she has taken away any chance of happiness you could ever have in your whole life. She disgusts me!"

Although Autumn had told her story in a calm manner, Isla imagined how desperate she must have been when she was compelled by her mother to marry a man she didn't love. She felt sorry for Autumn.

"Don't worry." Autumn patted Isla's hand and consoled her, "Look at me. I'm fine, really. Don't be worried."

"I just feel so sorry for you, " Isla said. Isla knew clearly that for Autumn, her grandma was the most important person in the world, but it was her own mother that had threatened her with her grandma's well-being. Her mother was a vile person! "Ye, why didn't you call me or ask me for help? I..."

"What could you have done even if I called

dinner." Autumn said with a smile, "We'll have dinner together with Charles after a few days."

"You said it. Don't regret it, " Isla smiled with satisfaction.

Then they parted ways as Autumn wanted to go to Cloud Advertising Company to find out who had defamed her. However, she realized that nobody would admit to it if she went there alone. She wandered around and then ended up in Shining Company somehow, so she called Charles.

"Are you busy now?" Autumn couldn't help smiling when she heard the voice of the man she loved.

"No, what happened?" Actually, Charles was in a meeting but he suspended it when he received her call. His voice got softer than when he was talking just a few seconds ago, which shocked all the shareholders of the company in the meeting.

Many people assumed that Charles' marriage was only for business, but now... it seemed that they were wrong.

"I'm at the gate of your company now. What do you want to eat for dinner? I'll make it for you." Autumn had a lot of leisure time since she wasn't working, so she decided to do something nice for Charles.

"I have to work at night so I'll come home late. You don't need to prepare dinner for me." Charles answered her lightly. Autumn felt a little disappointed but she still nodded her head and said, "Fine. Don't stay up working too late."

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