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   Chapter 112 Rumors About Autumn

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After a short pause, Charles continued, "So I asked David to investigate the whole thing and then found out your true identity."

"You mean... you knew that I was Autumn Ye the whole time?" Autumn swallowed hard as she couldn't believe her ears.

"I did." Charles nodded and said, "You and Yvonne Gu both worked at the Shining Company before. If I hadn't informed the HR manager first, you wouldn't have been employed so easily."

Autumn cursed herself in silence for having been so careless.

"You..." Embarrassed, Autumn thought to herself, 'If Charles knew that I was Autumn Ye from the very beginning, why did he sleep with me yesterday morning?'

"It is you, who I love." Charles looked into her eyes and stated seriously, "Whoever you are, Autumn Ye or Yvonne Gu, I love you, the person in front of me right now. Got it?"

Autumn blushed with shyness as she felt embarrassed by Charles's confession of love. She looked so pretty under the yellow light.

Although Charles was not some teenager who had just lost his virginity, Autumn was so irresistible to him that he couldn't bear it anymore. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her on the lips.

"What are you doing..." Autumn mumbled, trying to push him away. Charles, of course, was unwilling to stop. He grabbed both of her hands with one hand, and gently cupped her breast with the other. Ashamed, Autumn scolded him. Charles was not angry at all, but teased, "You fit in my hand perfectly, Autumn. "

He leaned down, his hands on either side of her head. "I want you, " he murmured and made love to her gently.

Autumn was a bit shy in the beginning, but after thinking about his sincere confession, she got over her shyness and accepted him whole-heartedly. Her body shivered as she felt so full.

That night, Charles and Autumn had sex again and again. He didn't stop until he heard Autumn beg. When Autumn woke up the next morning, Charles was gone. She looked at the clock to find that it was already noon.

Autumn cleaned herself up and walked downstairs to have breakfast. Gary was reading the newspaper

loud Advertising Company who first mentioned it. Did you offend someone in the company?" Autumn frowned at Isla's question. If these rumors came from Cloud Advertising Company, then she already knew who was behind them.

Autumn had already left Cloud Advertising Company, but there was one person who just wouldn't let go of her. How ridiculous that lady was!

"Now every company is keeping away from you. These rumors were more convincing as they came from Cloud Advertising Company. If you want to stay in the industry, you must clarify the whole situation to the public." Isla once had a talk with the boss of the Dark Blue Company. The company was in urgent need of planners. But when the boss heard of Autumn's name, he immediately refused Isla's recommendation.

After all, no sensible boss would hire an employee who was responsible for harming the reputation of company he or she worked in.

Isla was here today to tell Autumn about the rumors.

"Got it. I will find a way to fix this." Autumn said with a frown. Suddenly, Isla saw the pink marks on Autumn's neck and teased, "Are you my BFF or not? We haven't seen each other for a month. Since when do you have a boyfriend? You didn't even tell me!"

Autumn blushed with shyness and adjusted the silk scarf around her neck awkwardly. "Come on..." she murmured.

"Look at you! Your face is red all over. Ye, tell me, now!"

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