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   Chapter 110 Sam and I are Clear

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Chris did not add anything and just remained silent. She didn't want to suspect Autumn in this manner, but her gut feeling led her to believe that Sam must have been with Autumn in Z City. She knew one thing for certain, that Autumn wouldn't betray Charles. But for another, she couldn't help feeling angry and betrayed with Autumn at the thought of Sam.

With a bitter smile, Autumn continued defending herself, "You must be mad at me because of him." She explained, "Chris, Sam and I are in the clear. I ran into him on the airplane. I went there as a tourist while he was on a business trip. It was a mere coincidence that we were staying in the very same hotel."

"That doesn't sound like a mere coincidence, " Chris impatiently said as she was incredibly distraught with Autumn. She continued, "Yvonne, HKind Group has no cooperative company in Z City. How could he possibly go there for a business trip? He went there because of you."

With raised eyebrows, Autumn asked, "Are you certain of this?" She was taken aback by this vital piece of information, for she never expected that Sam would have lied to her about this. 'Now, Chris just won't believe me anymore. Everything I say will sound like an excuse fabricated to defend myself.'

"Of course, I am. Or you can ask him in person." Chris continued while staring at Autumn, "Yvonne, although you sleep and share the bed with Charles every night, Charles has not touched you yet. Is it because of Sam that you refused to indulge and share a sexual relation with my brother?"

Hearing this, Autumn was anxious and her face flushed into a bright pink. She recalled what had happened the previous morning. As Chris noticed the sudden flush on Autumn's cheek, she was assured about her guesses. She snorted, "It seems that my assumptions are true!"

She stammered, "What... what are you talking about?" As she took a moment to come back to reality and her senses, she tried to explain the situation to Chris in a hurried manner, "You misunderstood us. Sam and I are just friends..."

Autumn wondered whether she should tell Chris about what had happened the previous morning in a bid to prove that she had no feelings for Sam. She decided to just proceed, "Chris, I had dated Sam, but that was in the past. The only one I love is Charles, and I just want to spend the rest of my life staying with him. As for Sam... I don't care about the feelings and thoughts he

blamed her for traveling with Charles.

She trembled with rage as tears trickled down her cheeks. She shouted at Wendy through the phone, "Wendy, tell me the truth. Are you really my birth mother?"

Autumn didn't get a response from Wendy immediately. After what seemed like a long pause, she heard Wendy's voice in a rather oblivious tone, "Of course, I am your mother. I brought you to this world. As you are your father's daughter as well, you are supposed to make amends for what your damn father has done to me."

"When did he do something wrong to you?" Autumn asked as she couldn't keep from bursting into laughter. "My father listened to you since I can possibly remember. He was simply poor. If you couldn't accept his poverty, why did you marry him? You seduced another woman's husband which obviously hurt and offended him. Finally he died in despair due to your betrayal. That's how he owed you?"

"You know nothing about what happened between us, so stay out of it!" Wendy berated, "It is not like what you imagined. Anyway, your father owed me a great deal, and you simply need to pay me back on his behalf."

In that split second, Autumn finally came close to understanding what she meant to Wendy. 'For her, I'm just a tool. when she needs me, she will approach me. If I come to become useless for her, she will simply throw me away.

It's ridiculous to talk about kinship with her.'

Autumn then attempted to compose herself through the myriad of feelings. Then, she asked resolutely, "Okay, let's skip this topic for now. I just have one question, when will you let me meet my grandma?"

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