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   Chapter 109 Drew a Divination Stick

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As birds were chirping a melodious and soothing song in the temple's courtyard, Autumn and Charles felt a sense of calmness and peace wash over them. While they were slipping into a deep slumber of tranquility, an old monk approached them and said to Autumn, "Lady, I can feel that there is some built-up confusion in your heart. Why don't you drop by the backyard? You may be able to find an answer to your dilemma there."

The monk then firmly turned on his heel and walked in the opposite direction, leaving Autumn standing there. She hesitated for quite a while before she finally walked towards the backyard along with Charles. In a stark contrast to the courtyard, where a horde of pilgrims were gathered, the backyard was secluded. With a suspicion look, she pushed an aged door open.

The voice of an old person came across from behind the door, "Lady, has something been bothering you lately?"

The voice sent shivers down her spine. She froze in the spot for a second, and heaved a deep breath before entering. "Yes, great master. Can you please help me?"

"Do you see the bamboo container on the table? Why don't you draw a stick first?" Autumn spotted the container as soon as he finished the sentence. She randomly drew a stick out of the lot and told the monk, "It is draw number 29, master."

"A good draw, but not the best." The old monk pondered over the pick and after carefully choosing his words of wisdom, he said, "Your fortune is not bad as you have accidentally made a good match. But I must take this opportunity to remind you that honesty is the best policy, especially for couples. You should put more faith and trust in people around you. Only once you do that will you find that everything goes in the right direction for you."

Autumn shuddered on hearing his words. Brief as they were, the fortune-telling he gave and the advice he offered had really hit the nail on the head, and struck Autumn as true.

'Does this mean that I should just be honest and frank with Charles about my secret?'

She just couldn't make up her mind in that moment. After paying the fee, she left the room. Upon seeing her face, Charles could sense her unrest and tensing up. He comforted her, "It is just some cheap tricks, don't take it seriously or pay heed to it."

Not knowing what to say, Autumn just did not respond to his attempts to comfort her. The monk's warning was weighing on her mind the entire trek down the mountain.

That night, Charles received a call from David. There was an emergency that required his immediate attention. So the couple had to call off their trip abruptly.

"Ye, you can stay here and finish the rest of our trip if yo

a glance at her she avoided making any eye contact with her. Autumn found all of this quite unusual.

"Chris, do you have a few minutes?" This scene upset and bothered Autumn. She thought about it throughout dinner and so she decided to ask Chris for an explanation. While Chris was about to go upstairs, she stopped her and said, "I really want to talk to you."

Chris hesitated but finally agreed.

They took a walk in the yard. Autumn then broke the silence and asked, "What is the matter, Chris? You look unhappy and it seems like something is bothering you tonight. Is it about work?"

"No." Chris shook her head with a poker face and said, "I'm fine."

It was obvious that Chris did not want to talk about it. This morning, she saw Sam when stepping into the company. It seemed that Autumn and he had returned at the same time. Despite this funny chance, Chris had persuaded herself that this was okay as it was just a coincidence. The problem arose when she noticed that Sam was wounded. And more specifically it was a burn wound.

With that last link, she now just couldn't pretend that Autumn had no relation with the chain of events.

"Chris, we are now family." Autumn knew in her heart that Chris must have some misconception about her and just waned to clear the air, so she decided to speak out, "If you happen to have any complaints about me, I hope you can tell me directly, I…"

Chris interrupted her impatiently before she could finish, "Yvonne, I have no problem with you, only that I wish you can love my brother, and get along well with him. Just don't be greedy or try to cheat on him."

Hearing Chris's words, Autumn now knew the reason for her displeasure. She grabbed her by the arm when she was turning away. "So it's about Sam?" Autumn asked.

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