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   Chapter 108 Trip to The Temple

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After releasing their passion, Charles Lu lay back on the bed and held Autumn Ye in his arms. It felt natural that they were able to finally do it, but somehow the place where they did it didn't feel right.

'I must get this villa from Eric Guo when I go back.' Charles thought to himself.

Autumn felt extremely exhausted. The sore between her legs reminded her of what had just happened. She wondered how she became so daring today. She leaned on Charles's shoulder, feeling extremely content.

Leaving everything else behind including Wendy Ye and Yvonne Gu felt like such a leap of faith. It struck her how she was able to completely give herself to Charles and finally become his woman.

"What are you thinking about?" he asked. Charles held Autumn in his arms, curling her hair with his fingers.

"Nothing..." Autumn said with a slight flush on her cheeks. She was so daring just a few moments ago, but now she seemed to have forgotten how to get along with Charles.

"I think you should rest first and take a shower, " Charles said as he turned over. Just as he was about to get out of bed, Autumn grabbed him and asked, "Are you going to leave?"

'We just had our first time today. Is he going to leave me?' She thought anxiously.

"What's up?" Charles asked, affectionately touching Autumn's nose. "I'm going to make you some breakfast. You will definitely get more tired today. I have to make sure you're physically and spiritually prepared."

Autumn's face flushed further. She wrapped and pulled the quilt over her face, muffling her screams.

She felt so embarrassed that she couldn't even look at Charles.

Seeing Autumn's reaction made Charles burst into a roaring laughter.

Fortunately, a house helper frequently visited the villa to re-stock the supplies and make sure that fresh food would always be available. Charles struggled awkwardly as he tried to fry two eggs. He wondered how their house helper seemed to do it effortlessly.

Charles stood in the kitchen, a frown v

listers on her feet. The panoramic view of Z City made her feel like it was all worth it.

The mountain breeze gently blew over their faces while the temple chimes calmed them both.

They are rewarded with the magnificent view of Z City as they looked down from the top of the mountain.

Surrounded with a few clouds floating halfway up the mountain and the city blocks neatly arranged at the foot, Z City presented itself in a unique way.

The temple wasn't huge but there were many pilgrims. The crest of the temple was covered with glazed tiles, making it look dazzling and spectacular. However, some pillars of the temple were peeled off, making it look old and shabby.

They walked into the area after burning their incense. Seeing the wishing well in the middle of the yard, Autumn pulled a coin from her purse and threw it into the well. The coin steadily fell into the copper tripod in the center, landing with a tinkle. Delighted with what she saw, Autumn turned around and looked at Charles, her eyes filled with joy.

"Make a wish, " Charles said, looking at Autumn affectionately.

Autumn crossed her hands and closed her eyes. She had two wishes to make. She wished for Granny's health and safety. And she wished Charles to be successful throughout his whole life.

None of the two wishes was about herself at all.

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