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   Chapter 107 I Want You

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Autumn had no idea of what Abby was thinking about. Cindy was going to leave Z City the next day, so Autumn played with her for a while.

"Will you miss me, sister?" Cindy asked Autumn with a hopeful expression as she also knew she would be leaving soon.

"Of course I will." Autumn stretched out her hand and pinched Cindy's chubby face. "Will you miss me, Cindy?"

"I will call you as soon as I arrive, " Cindy answered assertively.

The dinner did not end until 10 PM. Charles and Sam, who had disliked each other before, had their arms around each other's shoulders as if they were good buddies.

Autumn drove Charles back to Eric's villa. Charles turned into a different man after getting drunk. He followed Autumn and acted like a spoiled child, which was very surprising to Autumn.

"Charles, behave yourself!" Autumn demanded with profound resignation. He was tall and strong. It would be difficult for her to get him upstairs if he didn't cooperate with her.

"Babe, I'm so happy now, " Charles murmured.

"Alright. I know you are happy, " Autumn temporized. Finally, she managed to lay Charles on the bed in the bedroom upstairs. Charles fell asleep very soon.

Autumn rarely had the opportunity to see Charles sleeping. He closed his eyes with a smile of satisfaction. Autumn sighed as she went to the bathroom. She cleaned his face with a warm and wet towel. Then she struggled hard to take off his clothes and clean his body, despite her shyness. It was already the early morning. She took a quick shower and lay beside him, exhausted.

The alarm clock woke Autumn from her deep sleep. She opened her eyes, dumbfounded as she saw Charles's enlarged face. She could even see his pours. Hi

ed heavily as he raised his head and asked softly, "Let's take this nightgown off, shall we?"

Autumn said nothing, but held Charles back and kissed his lips, clumsy in movement. She answered his question with action.

Charles took a deep breath and gave a satisfied smile. He decided to take the lead.

Charles knew Autumn was a virgin, so he made sure to be extremely gentle this time. Autumn flushed with shyness, but she wanted to give herself to Charles as she had fallen in love with him.

Charles took hold of the collars and gently slid her nightgown off her shoulders. He placed it on the chair. Autumn flushed as she grabbed the duvet, in an attempt to cover herself, but Charles stopped her and whispered, "Do you have any idea how much I want you, babe?"

Autumn was enchanted with Charles' sexy and seductive voice as she let go of the duvet slowly.

Autumn shivered as the sea wind blew past her. Charles held her even tighter and Autumn felt at ease. "You smell so good, " he murmured, and closed his eyes, with a look of pure pleasure on his face. He tossed the duvet off the bed as he breathed, "Babe, I want you."

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