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   Chapter 105 Meeting Her Again

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Rachel used to show off when she was with Charles. Autumn was forced to marry Charles and their wedding had not been made public yet. When Charles realized that he didn't love Rachel anymore, they broke up. But only a few people knew the news.

Lately, Rachel was seen alone in public several times, which prompted speculation about her breaking up with Charles. Fans were so happy to see them here.

"Isn't he the man who had an affair with Rachel? His name is … Charles, that golden bachelor. They are a well-matched couple."

"Yeah. Although they have been together for quite a long time now, they remain glued to each other still. Most people would envy their deep love."

Rachel chuckled at the comments. A smile curved her lips when she saw Autumn turning paler and more furious. To her astonishment, Charles pushed her out of the way.

"Charles!" His behavior caught her off guard. It was very hard for her to believe that he would shove her to the ground. She stared at him, blaming, "You …"

"Rachel, stop! Are you done with this nonsense?" Charles shouted angrily. He thought he owed Rachel because they had been together for several years. If he hadn't fallen in love with Autumn, he might have divorced her and married Rachel someday. But when he found that he no longer loved Rachel, he broke up with her.

Charles had put up with a lot of Rachel's misbehaviors in the past, which he wouldn't have tolerated from anyone else. Besides, he tried his best not to hurt her too much or make her lose face. But now she was wrong to do what she did in public. Charles couldn't forgive her actions in front of Autumn.

"What do you mean by nonsense?" Rachel wailed, "Charles, did I do something wrong? Why did you leave me?"

"We have broken up." Charles looked indifferently at Rachel as she cried and said, "Miss Bai, you'd better stay away from me."

"Broken up? I've never agreed to it." One might as well be hanged for a sheep as a lamb. R

dn't complain, instead, she said flatly, "Maybe her abnormal behavior is because she loves you too much."

"Love?" Charles mocked, "To be honest, she doesn't love me as much as that she thinks she does. In other words, she has no idea of what love is.

We met at a charity banquet. At that time, she was a star who was just beginning her career. Since I was already the CEO of the Shining Company, she adored me and tried her best to get close to me. I knew that she used my identity to become famous. I admired her innocence, so I didn't mind her scheming and helped her voluntarily." Charles sighed and added, "But later, she lost her innocence as she stayed longer in the entertainment industry. Everyone thought we were lovers and I said nothing about it. Rachel became famous and popular because everyone thought she was my girlfriend. Many people told me about her improper behaviors, but I didn't care about them since they were problems I could endure at the time.

Honey, don't feel stressed. Before you are married to me, Rachel and I already had differences and a lot of problems in between us. You were the straw that broke the camel's back."

Charles' words didn't relieve Autumn's worries. She looked worried as she said, "Rachel won't think so. She will put all the blame on me alone."

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