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   Chapter 104 Go Shopping Together

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 5966

Updated: 2018-11-10 00:22

Charles excelled in many aspects; however, he was still just a rookie when it came to shopping with a lady. The both of them hardly got the chance to go shopping together in Y City. He was worried about Autumn's health condition and wondered whether she wanted to go shopping at all. He asked with the utmost care, "Are you bored? "

"Of course not!" Autumn smiled and held his hand, "I'm so glad that you can go shopping with me. "

It was getting colder and colder. Seeing as how Charles was wearing Eric's clothes, Autumn decided to buy him some new ones.

"Let's go there." Autumn pointed to a store selling suits and took him there. Charles had to follow her as he was unable to refuse her.

"Babe, I don't need clothes. We won't be here for long..." Charles said with a frown.

"Charles, come on!" While selecting suits on the shelves, Autumn spoke to Charles, "We must be causing Eric a lot of trouble by staying in his house, uninvited. And Eric's clothes are tight and not comfortable. Look at you, your ankles are exposed. I know the suits here are nothing comparable to your custom made ones at home, but at least they will be more comfortable than Eric's. What? You dislike my gift?"

"Of course not. What?" Charles finally understood Autumn's point and asked surprisingly, "You mean... you're buying me the suit as a gift?"

"Uh huh!" Autumn nodded. Charles had booked the plane ticket and the hotel in Z City for her. She had been wondering what she could give to him in return. Now was the time for her to get him something nice.

"Welcome! May I help you?" A shop assistant came up to them and offered in a flattering smile, "Lady, your boyfriend has a nice figure. I think these suits will fit him quite nicely. How about this navy blue one? Our changing r

ove me."

Rachel continued as she cried, "Charles, when you broke up with me, I was so frightened. I've made up my mind. Whatever decision you may have come to, I won't let you go. Since you loved me once, I'm sure you will love me for the second time.

Charles, let's start anew, okay?" Rachel wrapped her arms around Charles' waist tightly as she raised her head and looked at him with a pair of innocent eyes.

Rachel was a well-known celebrity. A crowd of people were attracted by what was happening there. The onlookers began to take photos, seeing Rachel holding onto

A handsome man and crying out in excitement.

Rachel noticed Autumn who was standing still, but she ignored her.

She presumed Charles would be ashamed to push her away in front of so many people.

"Is that Rachel Bai?" The onlookers recognized her.

"She is. I heard she's working in Z City, but I didn't expect to see her here. So lucky!"

"Who is the man?" Someone asked.

"You don't know him?" Rachel and Charles' relationship gossips had provoked much discussion before. Charles was handsome and had a strong family background. As a result, Rachel's fans were glad that they were a couple.

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