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   Chapter 103 A Seaside Villa

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"We are just friends. It just so happens that I have come to visit Z City, while he is here on business. Our meeting is totally coincidental, " Autumn explained. "By the way, my husband is also here to see me because of the accident. Let me introduce you to him later."

Her eyes twinkled with pleasure when she spoke about Charles. It was too obvious that the couple were very devoted to each other.

Just as Abby was about to open her mouth, Andy secretly grabbed her arm and stopped her from saying anything. He said to Autumn, "With pleasure. It's a pity that we will be leaving tomorrow, but I have booked a room at Hong Fu Restaurant for tonight. We will be waiting for you two."

"That's very kind of you, but please don't bother, " Autumn promptly refused. Although she was a bit upset about their leaving so soon, she managed to hold it back and said, "Cindy is injured, you better take care of her first and make sure to have good rest tonight."

"That's alright. We will take an afternoon flight, there is no hurry." While Andy was insisting on arranging dinner, Charles pushed the door open and came in. Everyone inside saw a man, over 6 feet tall, holding two marshmallows awkwardly. It was very amusing.

"Here you are, kiddo." Charles passed a marshmallow to Cindy as casually as possible, and gave the other to Autumn.

"So is this your husband?" Andy let out a smile and asked Autumn. Holding her marshmallow with embarrassment, Autumn shyly nodded her head and said, "This is my husband Charles. We got married a month ago."

She then turned to Charles, "And they are Cindy's parents as I have mentioned to you earlier." Looking up at him, she then asked playfully, "Take a look, don't you think that Abby and I look very much alike?"

"Sorry, but no." Charles shook his head seriously. In his opinion, Autumn was unique and nobody could compare to her in any way.

"How come...I think we are almost like twins, " Autumn muttered. When comparing Autumn with Abby, Andy fully understood and agreed with Charles. He had to admit that Autumn and his wife resembled each other, but only physically. However, Andy knew that Abby was the one for him. He was sure tha

nced. It didn't sound like a good idea to her.

"There is nothing to worry about, " Charles said affirmatively. Growing up together, they had treated each other like brothers. It could be said that they felt free to share almost everything except their wives. As far as Charles was concerned, it was no big deal to share Eric's villa.

"Take it easy. I bet he won't mind at all, " Charles comforted, "He has just taken one of my cars recently. What does he have to lose since I'm only borrowing one of his houses."

"I'm a bit tired from driving the car all night. I'm going to take a bath and freshen up. Just make yourself at home." Charles then made his way upstairs without the slightest trouble.

Autumn dropped her complaints. She suddenly realized that Charles had driven here throughout the night just for her. He wouldn't be able to get enough rest huddling up in that tiny single room. So she decided to say nothing against staying here.

Charles and Eric were about the same size. Thus, Charles was easily able to pick out a brand-new suit from Eric's closet after his bath. He checked it out carefully before going down stairs. When he came down, he found Autumn sitting awkwardly on the sofa, not knowing what to do.

"Since we are here, let me show you around and do some shopping. What do you say?" But before Autumn could give her answer, he took her hand and went out the door.

It was the first time they went shopping together.

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