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   Chapter 102 I'm Married

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Autumn was relieved after hearing Sam's words. She saw the bandage on his arm and asked, "Sam, did you get hurt in the fire?"

Autumn furrowed her brow. Sam was fine the night before, but now he was wounded.

"No big deal, it's a minor injury." Sam answered indifferently, "You must be hungry. Here you go. Have some breakfast. Since Mr. Lu is here, I'm leaving now."

"Sam! Sam!" Autumn wanted to know how he got injured, but Sam kept walking, not turning his head.

Charles grabbed Autumn's hand and helped her sit back on the bed. He said in a scolding voice, "You are a patient. You should take care of yourself."

"But Sam got hurt because of me." If it weren't for her, Sam wouldn't run into the flames to save Cindy. Autumn felt terrible that Sam got injured.

"I can see your point." Charles nodded. He regretted not being by her side when she was in danger.

He was also grateful that Sam was there at that moment. Otherwise, Autumn might have gotten hurt.

"Have breakfast and take a rest. I'll be right back." Charles got Autumn settled and walked out of the ward.

"Sam!" Sam was about to return to the hotel, but Charles stopped him. Charles felt he should thank him. "Thank you for saving my wife."

"No need to thank me. I didn't do it for you." Sam answered bluntly. After all, there was no one but the two of them there.

"I have to remind you, " Charles continued, "Sam, she is my wife. If anything happened to her, I would be by her side. I hope you have a clear estimation of yourself. Don't put her in an awkward position."

"Put her in an awkward position?" Sam sneered, "Charles Lu, it is you who put her in an awkward position. If it weren't for you..."

"What?" Charles asked coldly.

"Never mind." Sam got frustrated. He had no right to int

nds and said excitedly.

"Abby, don't act like that. You are scaring Autumn." Andy pulled Abby back.

Autumn withdrew her hands in embarrassment. Abby was referring to Sam as her boyfriend. Autumn didn't bother to explain it before. But Charles was here now. Autumn didn't want Abby to drive a wedge between her and Charles.

"Abby, don't be so formal." Autumn smiled and said, "I didn't save you, not really. Just thank Sam."

"Of course I will." Abby was very grateful and held Autumn's hands saying, "But if it weren't for you, he wouldn't have saved us. Autumn, Sam is a nice man. You..."

Autumn interrupted, "Abby, I have... something important to tell you. I didn't make it clear before. But now, I think I have to tell you the truth."

"Wh... What?" Abby felt disturbed by Autumn's expression.

"Sam is not my boyfriend." Autumn said with a serious look, "I'm married."

Abby's face went blank for a long time. It didn't occur to her that Autumn would be married at such a young age.

Andy saved them from embarrassment, "I told you not to pair Autumn and Sam, huh?"

"I... "I'm sorry. I didn't know you are married." Abby talked incoherently, "But you and Sam..."

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