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   Chapter 101 Seeing Charles Again

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6370

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As the fire raged, there was noise everywhere — cries, screams and sirens. Everyone was frightened. The flames of the fire in the dark night looked like the call of death.

Andy had just arrived after finishing his work and saw the fire. He wasted no time to speak with Autumn and rushed into the hotel.

Autumn immediately followed Andy, but Sam grabbed her arm tightly. Sam didn't want Autumn to be in danger.

"What are you doing?" Sam had always been soft to Autumn, but this time he was stern.

"Let go of me! Cindy is in the hotel." Autumn had met Cindy for only one day, but cared a lot about her.

Sam held Autumn's shoulders with both his hands, fixed his eyes upon her and said, "Listen to me, stay here. I will safely bring Cindy out. Got it?"

"Sam! Sam!" Sam smashed his way into the sea of flames. Autumn's heart hammered in her throat.

Heavy smoke billowed from the top of the high-rise, and even blotted out the sky. Some people hurried outside with disheveled hair and dirty faces. Some people were even injured. Hardly breathing, Autumn stared at the burning building. She didn't want to see anyone get hurt in the fire.

The clock ticked with every second seeming like a century to Autumn.

Autumn knew the longer anyone stayed in the building, the greater the danger they were in.

The firemen blocked Autumn from the cordon, her eyes fixed at the entrance of the hotel. Some people came out. But not Sam, Cindy nor Andy. Some more people came out. Still not them...

Autumn was feeling like a roller coaster. Then dark clouds gathered and a heavy rain showered down upon the burning building. The leaping flames were extinguished in the downpour. The gods seemed to have heard Autumn's prayer.

Autumn's legs were so weak that she could hardly stand. Andy suddenly appeared at the entrance, holding Abby. Sam followed right behind Andy with Cindy in his arms. The m

now knew that Charles was in Z City, and asked, "How is Yvonne? Is she okay?"

"She didn't get hurt, but now has a fever." Charles reassured Gary before he hung up. Then he turned to Autumn and said, "Gary and Chris are very worried about you. "

"I'm fine." Autumn snorted in embarrassment. It's so good to have a family.

"Cindy..." Suddenly, Autumn remembered Cindy and Abby and immediately got off the bed. She didn't know what happened to them when she passed out last night.

"What are you doing? You are still weak." Charles held Autumn's arm and asked, "Where are you going?"

"Lie down!" Sam's voice came from the door. He walked into the ward as Autumn was about to leave.

He had been waiting outside Autumn's ward the whole night and went to buy some food for her in the morning. When he came back with the food, he saw Charles holding Autumn in his arms.

Charles must love Autumn so much that he rushed to Z City that very night. Sam stood outside the ward and didn't dare interrupt their moment.

When Autumn got up to check on Cindy and her parents, Sam finally felt strong enough to walk in. "I just came back from visiting them. They were not injured in the fire, but they inhaled the smoke and had dry throats. They are sleeping now."

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