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   Chapter 100 The Hotel Fire

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Sam pondered for quite a while before answering Abby, "I have known her for more than 20 years, if you ask me. We used to live in the same neighborhood, but lost touch when I moved abroad with my parents. It was not until recently that we met again."

"Then I presume that she is your childhood sweetheart?" Abby said while nodding her head lightly, "I saw the way you looked at her. And I dare say that you still like her very much, don't you?"

"Abby, you have seen right through me. However..." Sam let out a bitter smile. Autumn had already married someone and there is nothing he could do to change this no matter how much he loved her. "I may have no more place in her heart, " he said.

"Don't be so sure." Abby frowned and said, "As a woman, I understand her better than you do. And I suggest that you, as a man, should take the initiative."

"What do you mean?" Sam frowned and asked in confusion.

"You really need to follow my husband's example. He made a move on me back then, but I kept turning him down. He then skipped the courtship and proposed to me directly. I was deeply moved by his sincerity that night. I finally said 'yes', knowing that he really wanted to marry me, and would take care of me, for the rest of our lives. You see, we are happy to have such a lovely daughter as Cindy now." Abby poured Cindy a glass of juice and continued, "You two are close friends from childhood, and have known each other well enough. All you have to do now is to make the final push. In fact, I'm planning to fix you up with her today. Autumn is such a good girl, let her go again and you will regret it every single day, for the rest of your life.

Sam hung his head low without saying a word. Of course he knew that Abby was telling the truth. But the question was, did he still stand a chance of winning Autumn back?

Just then, Autumn came. When she saw Sam in the room, she frowned.

Although it was no big deal to have a meal with him, his presence made it abundantly obvious that Abby was resolved to make a match of them.

"Autumn, come and take a seat." Before Autumn could say anything, Abby stood up, took her by the shoulder and quickly sat her down. "You and Sam are good friends, and have really helped me a lot yesterday in the hospital. So I have also invi

.in fact, your husband is a wealthy man, and doesn't care about the money. You can simply disregard the remaining days if you'd like." Charles said seriously.

"No way! Haven't your teacher told you to avoid extravagance and waste?" She was now teasing him back. While they were talking happily, the light in Autumn's room suddenly burst with a bang. She then found herself in complete darkness. The call was also cut off due to the network outage.

Before she could figure out what was going on, there came the sound of many footsteps from outside the door, accompanied by a lot of shouting, "Fire! Run! There is a fire!"

Autumn felt her heart drop to her stomach. The first thing that came to her mind was to find Cindy. She quickly pulled the door open, but saw Sam standing right in front of her. He was about to knock on her door.

Having seen Autumn safe, Sam breathed a sigh of relief. He said to Autumn hastily, "Come with me. The hotel is on fire."

"No, I've got to find Cindy." Autumn insisted. Once she had made a decision, few were able to change her mind.

"Listen to me, we must get out of here as soon as possible." Sam's efforts to persuade her were to no avail, so he scooped her up in desperation, and carried her out of the hotel. They ran into Andy at the gate. "Andy, where is your daughter? Is she still in there?"

Standing on the open road outside the hotel, they could see the fire clearly.

It was raging skyward, spreading itself rapidly as if it were to engulf everything in its way.

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