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   Chapter 97 In The Hospital

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"Please!" Abby requested. When Autumn entered the ward, Cindy perched herself on the bed, crying. She looked so small and sick as her eyes were swollen from all the weeping. The doctor in the room did not dare to move closer to her but continued consoling her from a distance.

"Cindy..." In her soft and humble voice, Autumn called out to her. Hearing the familiar voice amidst the commotion, Cindy immediately stopped crying and turned to the door. Upon seeing Autumn's face, shock gripped her as she could not believe who was standing before her. She rubbed her eyes, leaped off the bed in one swift movement, ran forward and wrapped her arms around Autumn's legs.

Cindy whimpered, "Why did you abandon me, sister?"

Autumn didn't know whether to cry or to laugh at this question. She looked into Cindy's eyes while slowly bending down and said, "Cindy, I did not abandon you. You are the apple of your parents' eyes. I may not be able to stay with you forever, Cindy, but I promise you that I'll give you my personal number so that you can call me whenever you wish to see me. Okay?"

"I don't want to part with you..." Cindy cried harder this time.

Abby stood right outside the door in the hallway. Hearing Cindy break down, she wanted to enter the ward to comfort her, but Andy stopped her and said, "Don't worry. I think Miss Ye has the situation under control."

Andy knew his daughter had a mind of her own. He also knew that Cindy trusted Autumn and with that he did not worry at all.

Autumn was patiently consoling Cindy and within minutes Cindy calmed down. Autumn sat on the bed with Cindy in her arms. She then assumed a serious tone and asked, "Can you tell me why you refused to receive the injection?"

"I... am just scared of the needle..." Cindy whispered timidly.

Giving Cindy a disapproving glance, Autumn said, "You knew you would need an injection after eating seafood, then why did you run from home and request me to specifically take you to a restaurant serving seafood? Cindy, what you did is not right. Do you understand?"

Children at Cindy's age can distinguish between actions that are right and wrong. With that perspective, Autumn tried to reason with Cindy. Hearing Autumn's words, Cindy lowered her head and murmured, "I knew I was wrong, but I just couldn't help..."

Cindy felt that sh

l in Z City. It was not surprising that Sam was staying in the same one.

Sam accompanied Autumn till they got to her room door. It was not until Sam left that Autumn felt a wave of relief wash over her. She cleaned herself up and went to bed.

Autumn was still worried about Cindy. She got up early in the morning and grabbed some of the best dishes available from the hotel restaurant. As Cindy was allergic to seafood, Autumn cross checked with the chef to ensure there was no seafood in the dishes. She then went to the hospital with the packaged goodies.

After Autumn arrived at Cindy's ward, she was still fast asleep. Abby was also asleep at the bedside. Meanwhile, Andy was smoking at the hallway. Seeing Autumn, he snubbed out the cigarette and greeted her with a smile, "Good morning, Miss Autumn. Why did you trouble yourself and come here so early?"

"I woke up early in the morning. I am sure you did not rest, let alone sleep properly last night. I bought some food for you. Please help yourself." Autumn spoke as she raised the plastic bag in her hand.

"Thank you, Miss Autumn." Andy accepted the generous offer. As he had not slept the previous night, he was indeed starving.

"Just call me Autumn, please. How is Cindy now?" Autumn was sincerely concerned about Cindy.

"The rashes have thankfully gone. The doctor said that she could be discharged last night itself. But Abby and I decided to spend the night in the hospital, just as a precautionary measure. We just want to make sure she is safe and sound when she leaves here."

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