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   Chapter 89 Sam Found Out The Truth

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It was Sam who showed up at the door. Seeing him there, Autumn was struck by how quickly Wendy had been working on her plan.

She couldn't believe that Wendy, while forcing her to push Charles away to create opportunities for Yvonne, was also using Sam to get between her and her husband.

This woman had a good strategy, and what a sophisticated plan!

"Simon, Wendy, thanks for having me." Sam greeted. Like Autumn, he had brought many gifts. Seeing Autumn sitting on the sofa, he nodded lightly at her. As for Wendy and Simon, his opinion of them had been low, which was evident in the cold greeting he gave them.

"Here you are at last! I've been expecting you." Beaming with delight, Wendy took Sam's hand and sat him down beside Autumn. "There is no need to bring so many gifts. This is so kind of you, really!" she exclaimed.

She was grinning from ear to ear, but Sam responded dryly to her excessive enthusiasm and said, "You are welcome."

Wendy was a bit embarrassed hearing his words. She then glared at Autumn and snapped, "Sam is our guest. Why don't you have some manners and get him a glass of water?"

She turned back to Sam, put her smile back on and said, "You and Autumn grew up together. She's been rather too free with you and has put all the courtesies behind. Don't be too surprised about that."

Serving the guests had been the duty of the servants. Since when did Autumn have to do it?

Superficially, Wendy was scolding Autumn for her misbehavior. But in truth, she was trying to show everyone the close relationship between Autumn and Sam. Fortunately Charles wasn't there. Otherwise, one wouldn't be able to draw his sour face, hearing all this.

Wendy continued playing matchmaker. She smiled and said, "Speaking of which, I bet you two haven't seen each other for many years. Autumn has been living with her grandma since childhood. Fortunately, you were around to take care of her. I had always thought that... you two would be destined for each other."

Wendy's laughter rang throughout the living room. But Autumn and Sam were not a bit amused. Casting Au

y pushed him away. "It's all over now, " she added.

Sam couldn't contain himself. He hated the fact that he hadn't come back sooner. If he had, Autumn would never have had to suffer. "I am so sorry. I wish I have returned sooner."

"It was not your fault." Autumn forced a smile and said, "My grandma was seriously ill at that time, but I couldn't afford the medical care. Just then, Yvonne had fled from her wedding, so Wendy took grandma away, held her against our will and forced me to take Yvonne's place. So..."

"What else do they want from you? When on earth will they be satisfied? How could they play around with your marriage and happiness? This is just ridiculous!"

Sam exclaimed. He now wanted to confront the Gu Family and ask for an explanation. Autumn stopped him immediately, "Sam, I knew you would get angry, that's why I have been keeping this to myself. I am fine. Even though I married Charles against my will, he has been treating me well. This is actually good enough for me."

"Little Ye, don't try to make me feel better. There is no need for that now." Sam sneered. Initially, he had decided to give up on Autumn. After all, he saw the way Charles cared for her, and knew that the man could be trusted. But he could no longer turn a blind eye to it. How could he live with the fact that Autumn was forced into this circus from the very beginning? No thanks to Wendy.

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