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   Chapter 87 Back at the Gu Family House

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She opened the envelope and saw a plane ticket inside. The travel date was in three days, and its destination was... Z City. She had always wanted to go there.

'Every time I brought up any plans to travel, Charles always kept silent about it. But now he himself, bought me a ticket." Autumn thought to herself. She was so moved that she didn't know what to say.

'I have been dying to go on a trip, but I had to give it up for many reasons. First, it was work and then grandma was ill and it would be hard to leave her by herself. Now, Charles bought me a ticket. I am still worried about my grandma but I should go.' she mused.

Autumn asked Charles. "Why... Why did you do this?"

"Don''t you like it?"

"Of course I do. I just... never expected something like this." Autumn said with a smile, "Thank you!"

"You can thank me later. I have a bigger surprise for you." Charles smiled and handed her another envelope. He said, "There's a travel guide on Z City inside the envelope. I have also booked the hotel for you. All the information is right there on the travel guide. Oh, one more thing. There is a bank card inside. You can use it to pay for your travel expenses. You can buy whatever you like during your trip."

When she looked at the hand-written travel guide, Autumn was exceedingly touched. She asked, "Did you prepare... all of these by yourself?"

"How could I do that?" Charles touched his nose bashfully, and said, "I won't waste my time on these boring, trivial matters. David did all of these."

Charles thought to himself. 'If I tell her that I collected all this travel information while she was asleep every night, she might make fun of me.'

Charles instinctively said that David prepared all of it.

Autumn couldn't help but laugh. "Obviously this is Charles's handwriting. He looked so cute... lying like that." she mused.

Autumn took the bank card from the envelope and gave it to Charles. She said

nything to do with this family.

"You're really different now. After becoming Mrs. Lu, you don't even greet the elders anymore." Because of what had happened that night, Yvonne was so angry that she didn't go to work for two days. She continued, "You're still just a bastard. Even if you have gotten married to Charles. You should show your respect when you come here. You're just a bitch without a mother to teach you."

Hearing this, Autumn didn't get angry at all. Instead, she looked at Wendy provocatively.

'To embarrass me, Yvonne disrespected Wendy as well,' Autumn thought. And Wendy felt awkward.

'I gave birth to her but didn't teach her well,' thought Wendy to herself.

Wendy frowned and asked, "Why did you come alone? Where is Charles?"

Autumn flatly replied, "I told you that he had an appointment tonight. He will be a bit late."

Wendy didn't say a word. Yvonne stared at Autumn and said, "Autumn, I warn you that Charles will be mine one day. You'd better keep that in mind. Otherwise, I will never spare you."

Autumn acted as if Yvonne wasn't there. She turned to Wendy and asked, "Didn't you promise to let me see grandma once I managed to let Charles agree to dine with Yvonne? Why haven't you arranged our meeting? Are you going to break your promise again?"

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