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   Chapter 86 Autumn's Resignation

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Linda took Leila to the same restaurant where she went with Autumn before. She asked Leila while looking through the menu. "Leila, what would you like to have?"

"Anything works with me." Leila replied. Leila looked at Linda with a smile and said, "Linda, I am not picky when it comes to food. Can you recommend the best cuisine of this restaurant? But let me clear you one thing in advance. I will pay the bill for this meal. It is my first day at work here and you are my senior. I am certain that I'll need your support and guidance in the future, so this is my way of extending my thanks and appreciation for you in advance."

"No. No. No." At the thought of what happened with Autumn, Linda was trembling with fear in the office but now she was all chatty with Leila. She replied, "I am your senior, so it will be completely unreasonable for me to let a newcomer treat me."

"Linda, don't be formal with me." Leila smiled and said, "We are colleagues now, so we must get along with each other today and in the days to come. You can take me to dinner later. But this time, it is my treat."

On hearing this, Linda didn't insist further.

Leila remained silent for a while and then said. "Linda, to be frank, I have to thank Ye. She is the one who introduced me to this job. If she didn't tell me about the job, I would still be helplessly hunting for a job. But I felt really weird when I found out that you and Ye aren't very cordial. Is there any problem going on? Did you both fight over something?"

Linda felt awkward when she heard Leila mentioning Autumn to her. David had forbidden her from disclosing Autumn's real identity to anyone, so she just smiled to avoid giving away any details to Leila. She said, "Of course not. I even dined with her in this restaurant on the first day of her work. Coincidently, she was sitting on the seat where you are sitting now. But Shining Company is big and complicated, so we usually talk less and work more in the office. Of course we talk to each other whenever we have to discuss anything related to work but that's just about it."

Linda smiled and continued, "It is natural for you to be confused about the entire equation, but I have to remind you that Shining Company is different from other companies. In case you are not good at your job, there is a fair chance of you being

tumn could say anything further. She took a sigh and then knocked the door of Charles's office.

"Come in." Charles was in a good mood since he had just finished a video call with a client.

"Is your meeting over?" Before entering Charles' cabin, Autumn called him at his desk but Charles asked her to wait since he was in a meeting.

Charles nodded and then asked, "Do you have any documents for me to sign?"

As far as Charles was concerned, Autumn would not come to him without any reason in the office. Charles also adapted to their professional relationship while in the office. Therefore, he would only talk business with her in the company.

"No, I don't." Autumn shook her head and explained, "I think I have recruited the right person for you, so I......"

"Do you want to resign?" Charles sighed while asking her. He only gave Autumn this job because he strived for Autumn to stay around him in the office too. Charles never expected that Autumn would finish this task in such a short duration.

But he knew that she would leave sooner or later, so Charles was not surprised. "Okay, you have my consent."

"Really?" Autumn was startled since she thought he may never allow her to leave.

"Yes. Moreover, I even got a gift for you." Charles took out an envelope from his drawer and handed it over to Autumn. "Open it and have a look at it."

"What is it?" Autumn asked him hastily because she was so curious to know what was inside.

"Open it and check it yourself." Charles didn't reply directly but gave her a mysterious smile.

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