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   Chapter 84 Yvonne‘s Intention

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"Good evening." Charles greeted Yvonne indifferently, "You look beautiful."

It was just social etiquette for Charles, but Yvonne got it all wrong. 'I knew Charles is fond of me. After all, I'm such a beauty!' She thought in her head.

Blushing, Yvonne nodded her head and smiled. 'Autumn Ye is a real eyesore!' she thought to herself. She pondered hard for a moment before she held Autumn's arm intimately and said, "Charles, please have a seat and read the menu. We need to use the restroom."

After finishing her sentence, Yvonne forced Autumn to come with her to the restroom. As soon as Charles disappeared from their sight, Yvonne's tone of voice changed. She said, "I told you to ask Charles to come over alone! You don't want to see your grandma, huh?"

"You are getting me wrong..." Autumn frowned, "I didn't want to come. But Charles was clear that he wouldn't come here if I didn't come along with him. I practically had no choice."

Autumn tried to make Yvonne understand and said, "Please calm down. I'll take another table. I won't bother you..."

"You better not!" Yvonne stared at Autumn in disdain and sneered, "If you dare do anything to destroy our date, I swear, you will never ever see your grandma again!"

Yvonne was about to leave after warning Autumn, but Autumn stopped her, "Yvonne, I know you detest me, and I will stay away from you today. But... Charles hasn't got his stitches removed yet. It is important to watch what he eats. He should avoid certain food items, such as shrimp.."

"Enough!" Yvonne shook off Autumn's hand discontentedly and said, "I will take care of Charles! Don't flatter yourself as the real Mrs. Lu! This is none of your concern!"

Yvonne walked out of the restroom. She sat down in front of Charles and asked in a soft voice, "Charles, have you ordered?"

"Not yet. You order the dishes." While handing Yvonne the menu, Charles looked back in search of Autumn. Yvonne smiled and asked, "Charles, are you looking

r boss. Why did you mention him?"

"Charles, there are things you don't know." Yvonne sneered and continued, "Sam is my sister's childhood lover. They were going to get married, but when Sam went abroad my sister broke up with him. Now that Sam is back, I think they might have an affair again."

"Last week, I happened to see my sister when I was shopping at a mall. She was with Sam at that time. I heard Sam came back to the country only some days ago. But he was so eager to see my sister; I guess he still loves her." Yvonne smiled.

"Of course, I believe my sister loves you now. After all, you are so outstanding, but..." Yvonne didn't finish her words, but she believed Charles would now begin to doubt Autumn and Sam's relationship. If Charles didn't trust Autumn, Yvonne would have had the opportunity to get close to him.

"What do you mean by that? Are you trying to create misunderstandings between your sister and me?" Charles asked in a serious tone.

"What?" Yvonne didn't expect Charles to be so straightforward. She felt a spasm of panic and dodged Charles's question in embarrassment, "Charles, don't get me wrong. Of course, I would be glad to see my sister and you live a happy life, but... I don't think she deserves you. Charles, you should keep an eye on her. What if she betrays you..."

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