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   Chapter 83 Dinner with Charles

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Leila came over for an interview in the afternoon. Autumn wanted to give her a chance. She couldn't forget how much Leila helped her when she was employed by Cloud Advertising Company. Moreover, it was because of Autumn that Leila lost her job.

If Autumn remembered correctly, Leila was a graduate from a very prestigious university. Moreover, she was professionally competent and hard working. The opportunity was right in front of Leila. The only question was whether she would be smart enough to seize it or not.

If Leila didn't do well in the interview, there was nothing more that Autumn could do for her.

After the interview got over, Leila called Autumn cheerfully. She told Autumn that she had passed the interview and had to start to work next week. Autumn congratulated her with a big smile.

"Ye, you are being so nice to me! Can I treat you with dinner tonight?" Leila was so excited that she would be working as Charles's secretary in Shining Company.

"No, Leila. It is not important" Autumn said no in the sweetest way possible. She further added, "Remember, work hard! Shining Company, unlike Cloud Advertising Company, is a very big company. You should work more and talk less."

"I get it." Leila said yes in a serious tone.

However till this moment, Autumn didn't realize that the story of "the Farmer and the Snake" existed in the real world too.

Autumn selected some other alternatives. But when she was about to go off duty, Yvonne broke in and dashed into Charles's office.

"Miss Ye, the boss is busy right now. You can't go in now..." David blocked Yvonne's path. When Charles was in hospital, she used to come here every day. Even David could tell her intention. Charles was finally back to work now.

Yvonne stared coldly at David and commanded, "Get out of my way! I'm Charles's sister-in-law. How dare you stand in my way?"

"Miss Ye, you are giving me a hard time. Don't take it personally. Even if Mrs. Lu were here, I wouldn't have let her

do you always listen to her?" Charles frowned, "I'm your husband. Do you think it's appropriate for me to have dinner with my sister-in-law alone? What if people see us? What will they think? Anyway, if you are not coming with me today, I won't have dinner with her."


"No but! You can sit and have dinner at a nearby table. She has no right to forbid you from eating at that restaurant." Charles grabbed Autumn's hand and walked towards the door, "Hurry up!"

Autumn had no other choice but to go to the restaurant with Charles.

Yvonne arrived at the restaurant early to wait for Charles. Her brown curly hair went long down the shoulders. She wore a low-cut red silk dress and sat casually at a table beside the window. Her long legs attracted the attention of countless men passing by.

When Charles and Autumn arrived, Yvonne saw them through the window. She furrowed his brow. She had warned Autumn not to come, but Autumn was here now.

"Charles, I don't want to go in there. I'll wait for you in the car, okay?" Autumn got nervous when they reached the restaurant gate.

"Okay." Charles smiled and added, "I'm coming back with you."

Hearing Charles's words, Autumn had no choice but to follow him. Seeing Charles, Yvonne stood up and gave him a seductive smile, "Charles, Yvonne, here you are."

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