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   Chapter 79 Hostile Nancy

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Hearing Autumn's words, Charles came back to his senses. After realizing what he was doing, he stopped and then clasped his hands around her neck. He kissed on her lips violently and then let Autumn go.

He was exhausted and lay besides Autumn. If Autumn hadn't reminded him, he didn't know what he would have done to her.

"I'm sorry." Charles apologized for his rude behavior, though he didn't think he had done something wrong. He had just followed his heart. But he still made an apology to Autumn because he didn't want to scare her.

"It's fine." Autumn hurriedly buttoned her pyjama. When Charles kissed her, she enjoyed his kiss. So she thought that it would be unfair to blame him.

She didn't mind these intimate acts. But she wasn't ready for the next steps.

Charles sighed and cuddled her. He said gently, "Sweet dreams.'

To begin with, Autumn was too nervous to fall asleep. As sleepiness overwhelmed her, she entered into a dream, holding Charles.

The next morning she woke up early, and found herself holding Charles tightly. She blushed immediately. She got up silently and went to make breakfast for him. As soon as she left the room, Charles opened his eyes.

After Autumn fell asleep last night, he couldn't get any sleep.

With Autumn in his arms, he couldn't move. Although he knew that she was asleep, he didn't move a bit even when his arm was numb. He just didn't want to wake her up.

When he was hospitalized, Autumn was on her toes, without taking a break. She didn't even get good sleep at night. If Charles turned over, she would be awake.

He didn't want to see Autumn push herself too hard. To let her have a good sleep, he hadn't moved his arm although he felt uncomfortable.

When Autumn went downstairs, she saw servants cooking pumpkin porridge. She couldn't help but frown and said, "Nancy, Charles is a patient now. He can't eat pumpkin porridge, or he will feel an ache or be ticklish."

"That is not possible." Nancy had served the Lu family for half of her life, so she was treated as a family member. As time went by, sh

l young master not to eat what I made for him. What do you mean? Unlike you, I'll never hurt young master."

"I..." Autumn didn't know what to do. She knew that Charles respected Nancy as he had lost his parents since he was young. If possible, she wouldn't quarrel with Nancy.

But now Nancy didn't let her go.

Autumn explained, "Nancy, you misunderstood me. I just think that pumpkin... will do Charles harm. I just want him to recover as soon as possible."

Nancy ignored her kindness and said, "Stop acting. If it hadn't been for you, the young master would never get injured."

Autumn gave an explanation, but Nancy became more aggressive.

"Nancy!" Charles said. His face darkened with anger. 'Nancy is my family, but Autumn is my wife. No one can bully her.' Charles continued, "Mind your words. She is my wife, it's my duty to protect her. Besides, she said that you misunderstood her."

Through their conversation, Charles knew what had happened between them. He didn't scold Nancy because he respected her.

Nancy coldly said, "Am I wrong? Young master, I have served you since you were a boy. I have always treated you as my son. But she embarrassed me deliberately. She thinks that I'll do you harm."

Charles became more serious. He said, "You heard me. You misunderstand her. She didn't let me eat pumpkin porridge because she thinks it's not good for my health."

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