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   Chapter 78 She Had Him Spellbound

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Although Autumn was Charles's wife now, it was against her will when she got married to him. He would not force her to do anything unless she was willing to.

Charles would always seek Autumn's consent.

Charles had to soak himself in the cold bath for half an hour before he finally cooled down. He covered himself in a bath towel and stepped out.

Autumn was so nervous at the moment. Her face reddened all over again as she saw Charles coming out with only a bath towel.

Autumn couldn't help but swallow in surprise. What she had seen in the bathroom left her so shamed.

"Are you going to take a bath?" Charles's voice was low and attractive. "Yes, I'm taking a bath now!" Autumn immediately ran and locked herself in the bathroom as if she was being chased by some bad guy.

Charles looked at Autumn's figure and sighed. He knew he had startled Autumn just now.

Autumn was in the bathroom for more than an hour. She had a quick bath. However, the very thought of previous sight gave her goosebumps. She stayed at the bathroom, staring at the walls blankly. She planned to go out only after Charles was asleep.

Charles and Autumn shared the same bed now, which made her feel uncomfortable.

Autumn cautiously listened to the sounds that came from outside of the bathroom. After sometime, it all went quite. She silently pushed the bathroom door open and stepped out. However, Charles was not asleep as expected. He was lying on the bed and looking at her.

Autumn felt like she was a prey being spotted by a dangerous preda

onto hers.

"Hmm..." Autumn was frightened. She widened her eyes and stared at Charles.

Autumn had a pair of soft lips. The moment Charles kissed her, she was frozen into Charles's arms. Feeling her soft body, his eyes went wild. He opened Autumn's mouth with his flexible tongue and twisted with hers.

Autumn's mind was blank. She didn't know how to respond.

Charles looked at Autumn and demanded, "Close your eyes."

Hearing that, Autumn closed her eyes and couldn't help but get close to Charles. He kissed her softly and sucked her tongue greedily.

Autumn wore a pair of old-fashioned pajamas. Somehow, Charles had already unbuttoned her clothes. Her body was exposed in the air. Feeling the chilly sensation on her chest, Autumn immediately recovered herself. She pushed Charles away with a frown. She was going red in the face and breathing very heavily. Her eyes went crystal bright, like a spring.

She put her hands against Charles's chest. Her eyes struggled. He heard her low voice, "Charles, no..."

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