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   Chapter 76 Gary's Advice

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"If it's nothing serious, you shouldn't have made your wife take care of you in the hospital for so long. Don't you know that she may need some rest?" Instead of blaming Autumn, Gary scolded Charles. He thought Charles was not being considerate to his wife at all.

"There are so many servants at home, but you just let Yvonne take care of you in the hospital. What if she gets exhausted?" Gary kept complaining about Charles. "You are a grownup man! Why not be a little considerate towards your wife?"

"Grandpa, that's not the case. Charles is injured and in the hospital because of me. He wanted to protect me. I really want to take care of him here." Autumn explained to Gary on behalf of Charles.

However, Gary still twisted his face. "It is natural that he has to protect you, since he is your husband. But Charles, don't you feel ashamed to whine for such a minor injury? You have really disgraced your family's name."

"Grandpa, I......" Autumn was very anxious because she was worried about Charles. He was injured, but Gary just kept on scolding him. She felt bad for him, so Autumn wanted to explain everything clearly to Gary. But Charles stopped her. "Grandpa, please stop with all the jokes. Don't you see that she is almost crying?"

It was not until then that Autumn realized that Gary was playing a trick on her.

Hearing that, Gary burst into laughter. He felt happy for his grandson for that he married a good and sincere girl. "Well, it's just a joke. Please don't take it seriously. Yvonne, I know you were worried about me so you hid the news from me. But never do this again. Although I am old, I am capable of bearing some bad news."

"Ok, grandpa. I get it." Autumn blushed and nodded. She hesitated for a second and then said, "Grandpa, can you call me Ye? It feels weird to be called Yvonne."

Gary stole a glance at Charles. He secretly nodded a yes. Seeing this, Gary laughed and replied, "Okay, then I will call you Ye."

"What are you doing there

ccidently get married with a good girl. If you really married to Yvonne, I am afraid that she may cause many troubles."

Charles kept silent for a while and then said to Gary, "To be honest, I have to thank God for letting me meet Autumn. Now that she has gotten married to me, then she is my lawfully wedded wife and I will love her forever."

"You suppose to do that." Gary replied slowly, but he then added, "But I think you should help her to solve the problem about her grandmother."

Taking a sigh, Gary said, "Autumn must be sad since her natural mother treats her like this. Her grandmother is her only family. If it is possible, you could bring her grandmother here. Don't let them threaten Autumn again."

"I know that. I have asked someone to look into her grandma's condition." Charles nodded his agreement as he said, "Grandpa, I was not going to tell you this news if you weren't aware of it. Autumn hasn't completely accepted me yet. But I will wait until she is willing to tell me all these things by herself."

"I understand." Gary replied. "Her real name is not that important, right? All I care is that she is our family now."

"Ok, let's call it a day. Ye is still waiting for you. She has taken care of you for such a long time. Let her have a good rest tonight." Gary urged Charles carefully.

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