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   Chapter 74 Rachel Is Back

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Gary didn't know Charles was in the hospital as Autumn and Chris decided not to tell him for now. He assumed that Charles was away on a business trip.

Charles was expected to be discharged from the hospital today after he had stayed there for a week. Gary would find out that he was injured once he was back home.

Autumn went to complete the discharge formalities early in the morning. Charles, on the other hand, was packing his clothes. When he heard the door behind his back open, he casually offered, "Let's have lunch outside with grandpa today, so you don't have to cook."

However, no one responded. Charles turned around and saw Rachel standing at the door. She had mixed feelings on her face.

Charles's smile vanished. He asked Rachel in a cold voice, "What are you doing here?"

After Charles broke up with Rachel, she went abroad and remained busy with work. She refrained herself from contacting Charles all this while. She believed that they needed some time away from each other for things to cool down between them. Moreover, she hoped that Charles would forget whatever she had done in the past and forgive her.

As soon as Rachel came back, she grabbed David for Charles's information. When she heard Charles was injured, she immediately came over here.

"Charles, what happened to you?" Rachel cried dramatically. Charles had four stitches on his head, but they were covered with a gauze. It didn't look very serious.

Charles was a little disgusted with Rachel's reaction.

Rachel stretched out her hand carefully as she wanted to comfort Charles. But before she was able to touch him, he stopped her hand.

Charles stepped back and looked at Rachel with a frown.

Autumn might be back any minute. He didn't want Autumn to misunderstand him.

"What are you doing here?" Impatient, Charles asked again.

"When I got off the plane, I he

t Autumn. Maybe it was because she hadn't really trusted him in their relationship.

Charles successfully scared Autumn. He then turned to Rachel and pushed her away. He stated calmly, "Rachel Bai, I loved you before. But I have made myself clear that we are done. Don't you understand? "

Charles continued with a frown, "If you don't understand, let me repeat it for you, I don't love you anymore. From now on, I don't want to see you ever again. We can only be friends now. Got it? "

Charles had said similar words to Rachel before, but there was no third party involved back then. It was the first time he said those words in front of Autumn. Rachel felt humiliated. She yelled, "Charles Lu, why are you being so hard on me? "

Charles deliberately said that in front of Autumn. He hoped that at least after this she could trust him in the future.

"I have told you, I will make it up to you." Charles was a man with a stone heart in front of a lady he was not fond of. He didn't care about Rachel's feelings now.

When Rachel was his girlfriend, he could do anything for her. But now... he was a different man. No wonder Rachel was unable to accept that.

Charles stared indifferently at Rachel as if he was looking at a stranger.

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