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   Chapter 67 This Isn't Over Yet

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"Mr. Lin, why are you standing in my way?" Mr. Song sneered and turned to Autumn Ye, "Bitch, so you're seducing Mr. Lin, not to mention you tried on me too. As far as I can see, you need to learn a lesson."

Mr. Song tried to grab Autumn's arm while talking but was stopped by Sam Lin. "Don't go too far, Mr. Song."

"Mr. Lin, I have to teach this woman a lesson today." Mr. Song sneered. "I look up to you because of your father, Mr. Lin. Nevertheless, I am your senior. You should remember who you are and not ruin our relationship."

"Hand this woman over to me right away and fuck off, or I will teach you a lesson too." Mr. Song said scornfully and raised his hand again.

Linda Zhao rushed over, dragged Sam aside and said, "Mr. Lin, just leave them alone please. All this happened because of the ignorance of my colleague, so let Mr. Song teach her a lesson in whichever way he wants. It's not a big deal."

Linda smiled sweetly and looked at her watch, "It's still quite early, why don't… we continue our meeting somewhere else?"

She leaned on Sam consciously or unconsciously, rubbing Sam's arm and suggesting implicitly.

Feeling nothing at all, Sam raised his hand, pushed Linda away and shouted, "Get lost!"

"Mr. Lin…" While completely leaning against Sam, Linda never thought that Sam would push her away. She fell on the ground and her dress got rumpled.

After she cleaned herself up, she gave Sam a plaintive look.

"So you are determined to set yourself against me." Mr. Song sneered. All these years, he had been enjoying voluntary seduction from women because of who he was.

It's been a while that he himself had been interested in a woman. He didn't feel as if he took any advantage of her. So for him, Autumn throwing a glass of wine on him was totally uncalled for. How could he not be furious?

"Sam Lin, be sensible and step away, or the cooperation between HKind and my company will be over today." Thinking he was senior to Sam, Mr. Song tried to take advantage of his posit

n, I should come with her." Autumn said frankly.

It took a long while before David Fan could finally get through Charles on the phone. He was standing at the door of the restaurant in which Yvonne Gu made a reservation. When he heard that Autumn was taken on a dinner with Mr. Song, he turned around and rushed over without saying a word. He didn't even leave a message to Yvonne.

Fortunately, he made it on time.

Worried as he still was, Charles gave Linda an expression of 'this isn't over' and stood in front of Mr. Song, holding Autumn's hand tightly.

"Mr. Song, when I came in, I overheard that... you would let it all go if she spent a night with you. Can you tell me what exactly happened before?" Charles was smiling radiantly, but Mr. Song felt creepy.

He stood up and wiped the blood off the corners of his mouth. He had certain respect for Charles. So he asked, "Mr. Lu, is this woman... your secretary?"

"Yes..." Charles nodded slightly and asked, "Is there any problem?"

"Look at this wine all over me!" Mr. Song was really good at standing facts on his head. He pretended to be innocent in front of Charles and said, "Your secretary is really impressive. She seduced me in the first place, but accused me of being indecent and threw this wine on me. I am telling you, I won't let this go, till I get what I want."

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