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   Chapter 64 The Endurance

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Linda stood up, and then walked towards Autumn. She said to Mr. Song, "I'm afraid that you may not see Jenny again because she quit today. But... she was replaced by a gorgeous beauty. She is our new companion, Ye."

"Ye, this is Mr. Song." Linda introduced Autumn to Mr. Song on purpose. Hearing this, Autumn had to raise her head and look above. She gave a slight smile to Mr. Song and said, "Nice to see you, Mr. Song."

Noticing the lust that gleamed through Mr. Song's eyes, Autumn became a little infuriated with concern. Then, she gave Linda a momentary glance. She captured a fleeting smug smile in her eyes.

Linda held Autumn by the arm and said smilingly, "Mr. Song, today is her first day at work. I brought her here to introduce her to you. Unlike me, she is shy and a little inexperienced. Please control your behavior a little and don't frighten her."

Mr. Song stared at Autumn and said, "Don't worry. I won't frighten her." 'How could I not notice such a gorgeous girl like Ye?

Her ordinary suit couldn't cover her fine features and smooth skin. She is way more stunning than Linda.' Mr. Song thought to himself.

Struck by Autumn's beauty, Mr. Song stayed still without saying a word. Autumn couldn't help but frown when she saw his open admiration.

Linda said with a smile on her face, "Then... Ye will be your companion when the client comes in. Please forgive me if I don't give you much attention today."

"I won't blame you. I understand. It's all for work." Mr. Song smiled and said, "Today you will meet a very important guest. Just do what you're supposed to do."

Hearing this, Linda returned to where she was before. Mr. Song just stopped paying attention to her, and even ignored her. He gave all his attention to Autumn. He asked her, "My fair lady, are you a native of Y City?"

Autumn resisted her impatience and replied, "Yes, I am."

"I never knew that there will be such a pretty girl like you in Y City." Then, Mr. Song put his hand forward in an attempt to grab her hand. He co

Mr. Song said hesitantly, "I.."

Linda interrupted him immediately and give him no time to think, "Mr. Song, this is the only chance. If you say yes, I will help you."

After hesitating for a while, Mr. Song remembered Autumn's figure, and finally agreed. "You have promised me."

An evil smile appeared on Linda's face.

'Once she becomes Mr. Song's lady, she will leave Shining Company. Then I will be the only female secretary left in the company. At that time, even Charles won't be able to do anything, even though he has a liking for her.

If he didn't lose his mind, he would give upon her.' Linda mused.

The client that Mr. Song had introduced arrived at 7:00 pm. He was accompanied by a man who looked like his assistant. When Linda saw him, she was stunned in surprise.

'This man is as charming as Charles.' Linda thought to herself.

She pulled her cheongsam to show off her breasts. She was always confident about her figure.

She extended her hands to the man standing in front of her, with a confident smile. She said, "Nice to meet you. I'm Linda."

The man shook her hands with a formal smile. It made Linda's heart beat faster. He said out loud, "I'm Sam Lin."

Mr. Song walked to the man and said obsequiously, 'Mr. Lin, here you come, finally. Take a seat, please. Linda, ask the waitress to serve the dishes."

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