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   Chapter 63 Mr. Song

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"But..." When David was about to say something, Autumn interrupted him, "David, no need to say anything anymore."

Autumn wasn't a spoiled lady who would not do any work. Although she didn't like Linda, she couldn't let her go out alone. After all, it was not safe for a lady to go out by herself.

"I will go with you, " said Autumn plainly to Linda.

After she heard her, Linda smiled. But David was seemingly upset about this.

"You can tidy up your desk first. I will go to fetch the contract." Seeing Linda leave, David walked in front of Autumn's desk and stopped her. "Mrs. Lu, you don't have to agree to go with her. You know that... And if Mr. Lu knows this matter, he will blame me for it."

"Don't worry." Autumn smiled. "He has an appointment with someone else tonight, so he won't come back so early. Moreover, I'd be worried if we let Linda go out alone to meet Mr. Song. Don't worry. I'm an adult and I can take care of myself, " she said.


"It's okay. It doesn't matter. I will try to come back early, " Autumn assured David.

David knew that it was impossible to dissuade Autumn, so he quietly came out of the office and dialed Charles's number nervously. However, he couldn't get through the call.

"Please pick up the phone."

David was very anxious, but after Autumn and Linda went out, he tried again but failed to reach Charles on call.

Autumn predicted what would happen during the dinner. Luckily, she listened to Charles's suggestion and wore a pair of long pants today. She thought that if she tried not to talk much during the dinner, she might not draw others' attention. Linda wore a custom-made cheongsam which perfectly showed her graceful and charming figure.

On their way to the restaurant, Linda kept on fixing her make-up. Autumn sat beside her quietly and enjoyed looking out on the streets.

Sending Linda back to her house safe and sound was Autumn's only goal.

"This is a profile about Mr. Song. You can study it now, " said Linda, while taking out a file and throwing it at Autumn's legs.

Without saying anything, Autumn took the document and

ss you too much these days. So you must have more glasses of wine with me tonight..." He also pinched Linda's waist happily.

But Linda didn't react to his behavior. She was used to all these things.

It was so common for women to be molested by men while closing business deals. But they too had their own exclusive advantages of being a woman.

"Mr. Song has a really good sense of humor. Trust me. I will drink some extra glasses of wine with you today." Linda smilingly took his arm and let him sit next to Autumn. In this way, he sat between Linda and Autumn.

"Why hasn't Jenny come today? I haven't seen her for a few days. I miss her so much." Autumn lowered her head and didn't wear sexy clothes, so she didn't attract the attention of Mr. Song. And Mr. Song began to look for Jenny after he sat down.

Linda pretended to get angry and said, "Mr. Song, you have disappointed me. How could you say that you miss Jenny in front of me. This is too much to handle."

Mr. Song put his arms around Linda's waist and whispered something in her ear. Linda laughed. She then replied, "You're so naughty and thick-skinned. How could you say that?"

"Oh, it's nothing. Don't be so surprised, " said Mr. Song smilingly.

Autumn kept her head lowered. She didn't care what happened around her.

Linda stole a glance at Autumn. She then said to Mr. Song, "Oh, right, Mr. Song, I haven't introduced..."

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