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   Chapter 60 A Surprisingly Friendly Gesture from Linda Zhao

The Substitute Bride By Rabbit Characters: 6370

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"Ye, come in with me." Charles Lu said to Autumn Ye with a stern face.

Autumn silently followed Charles. At this time, Jenny Ding rushed over, shouting, "It's all your fault, you bitch. How can Mr. Lu ever treat me like this if it wasn't you?"

Jenny Ding cursed and raised her hand towards Autumn.

She was standing very close to Autumn before, and within a second she had already moved right in front of Autumn. Autumn didn't have a chance to dodge.

The moment he saw Jenny rushing over, Charles's heart stopped for a second. He quickly pulled Autumn into his arms and held her tightly.

Jenny's slap fell on Charles's back. He frowned. It was indeed a heavy slap.

"Jenny, are you crazy?" David Fan hurried up and pulled Jenny away. "Are you okay, Mr. Lu?"

"Never mind." Charles shook his head slightly, "Take her to HR immediately. I don't want to see her again."

Jenny looked at her own hand in disbelief. She was obviously targeting Autumn, but how come she hit Charles instead? Well, there was really no chance left to make it up.

"Mr. Lu..." She opened her mouth to say something but finally remained quiet.

After Charles and Autumn left, David sighed. He told Jenny, "Save it. Just leave."

"David…" Looking at David, Jenny nearly burst into tears. She grabbed David's hands and said pitifully, "I beg you, please help me again and talk to Mr. Lu. Please say something good for me."

"Jenny, no one can help you with this." David sighed again. That was Mrs. Lu, the only person who could have helped her, was now offended by her. "Hurry up and leave. Mr. Lu won't treat you badly."

Hearing this, Jenny also knew that she couldn't stay any longer. Her resentment at Autumn aggravated further.

Not knowing that she had been resented by someone else, Autumn was now in a stalemate with Charles.

"Well, I am really fine." Charles had no other choice. He looked at Aut

his office.

It was lunch time and Linda Zhao came over.

Seeing how Jenny Ding got dismissed, Linda discovered that there is an exceptional relationship between Charles and Autumn.

As proud as Charles was, he willingly took the slap from Jenny Ding for Autumn. Linda wouldn't believe in any way that there was nothing between them.

Similarly, because of Jenny Ding, Autumn was very careful of Linda. She became indifferent when Linda came over.

"Hi, Ye. It's your first day at work today. Let's go have lunch together." Linda took Autumn's hand and said to her, "I know some very good restaurants in the neighborhood, let me take you there."

"No, thank you." There was a staff canteen at Shinning Company, so Autumn quietly pulled her hand back and told Linda, "I am having lunch at the canteen. You should go now."

Looking at that in embarrassment, Linda said to Autumn, "It's your first day, how can you have lunch at the canteen? Now that we are coworkers, we are going to stay together and get along for a long time. Today's lunch is on me. Come on, it will be my pleasure."

Autumn wanted to say no but she also knew that Linda Zhao wouldn't give up if she didn't go, so after a little bit of hesitation, she followed Linda out of the office.

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