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   Chapter 59 A Storm At the Secretary Department

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After Yvonne left, Autumn returned to her office with mixed feelings. The moment she entered the room, Jenny said sarcastically, "Oh my god, the moral degeneration of the world is getting worse day by day. You cannot judge a tree by its bark. What do you say, Linda?"

"You're right." Linda cast a contemptuous glance at Autumn and taunted, "Someone looks innocent, but is so indiscreet in her personal life. She keeps her ex-boyfriend hanging on while seducing our boss. Shame on her!"

"Enough of this chitchat!" David scowled at Jenny and Linda. After Autumn married Charles as the substitute of Yvonne, she was fired by Cloud Advertising Company first, and then maltreated by the colleagues here. David couldn't help feeling sorry for her sufferings. "Have you finished all your work? Are you free?"

"David, why are you favoring her? Do you have a crush on her?" Jenny sneered, "That's not surprising, she is both pretty and immoral. No wonder you like her."

"Enough!" Autumn didn't want to deal with Jenny and Linda as she wouldn't be here for a long time. But they discredited her with the ugly gossip. Autumn could not bear it any longer.

"I have never offended any of you. I didn't argue with you because I'm good-tempered, but this doesn't mean I will tolerate it forever. If you dare say this again, I swear I won't spare you." Autumn stated seriously.

Linda fixed her eyes upon Autumn, and suddenly she realized that Autumn was not a pushover. She was not as stupid as Jenny, so she said no more.

Jenny gave a scornful laugh and said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, "You're pissed off because I was telling the truth. I'm not finished yet."

Linda stood silently, wa

peak ill of her." Linda told Jenny.


"Enough!" Charles interrupted them and turned towards Jenny, "You are right. Three assistants are enough for the work."

Jenny was excited with joy.

"So..." Charles gave a tiny smile and continued, "You are fired. Ye would take over your work. Go to the HR Department and leave this office by afternoon. I'll ask the HR Manager to pay you the extra salary."

"Wh... what?" Jenny was shocked. She could not believe what she just heard.

"Didn't I make myself clear?" Charles furrowed his brow.

"Mr. Lu, this is not the case..." Jenny panicked, "Why did you fire me? Ye should be the one..."

"Are you the boss of the company?" Charles sneered and turned to David, "David, take her to the HR Department."

Charles cast a stern glance at Linda, "Let's make the premise clear first. If I hear any rumors in the company from now on, I won't spare you too."

Though Charles didn't take any names, Linda knew he was warning her.

Linda lowered her head with a frozen face. She couldn't help wondering who Ye really was, as Charles seemed to cared about her so much.

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