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   Chapter 58 You Should Come With Us

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"It is because of you that I want to work in Shining Company. I know I'm not as competent and good as your expectations. But trust me, I will work hard and I won't disappoint you, " said Yvonne.

"It isn't a big deal. And you don't have to come here next time if there is nothing important." Charles saw through Yvonne. He knew that she just wanted to get close to him with the excuse of thanking him for the job.

"I had to come here to thank you because I should be grateful to you for giving me a chance to work here." Yvonne also added, "Charles, I have given enough thought to this. To express my gratitude to you, I want to... invite you for a meal. Would you like to have a meal with me? You can eat whatever you like."

Charles didn't want to expose Yvonne's lies for the sake of Autumn. But now Yvonne was being even more unreasonable, which made him really want to unmask her real identity. He hesitated and didn't do that.

He tried to be patient and told Yvonne, "No, thanks. It is your sister who wants you to work here, so you should actually thank her instead of me."

"I just can't just thank her, " shouted Yvonne. She was going to take this opportunity to be alone with Charles. She thought that she would definitely attract him with her pretty and charming looks. And it had nothing to do with Autumn.

Noticing that Charles looked a bit confused, Yvonne realized that she had made an indiscreet remark. She immediately calmed herself down and said, "I mean although my sister had put in a good word for me, you are the one who made the decision. Thus, I have to thank you."

"Here's an idea." Charles mocked a smile. He detested Yvonne very much. "Your sister has come here for work today. You can go to tell her about this. If she is willing to go with us, you can book a table; if she says no, I won't go either. We are family members now and we should have meals together."

"What?" Yvonne frowned and said to Charles, "She also works here?"

"Yes. Is there anything wrong?" Charles looked confused and nodded.

"No... nothing." Yvonne was very furious, but she still pretended to

knowing about your real identity?" Yvonne continued, "Do you think that... Charles will still be so nice to you after he knows that you aren't the real Yvonne Gu?"

Autumn was shocked and looked pale, but she calmed herself down and stared at Yvonne. "You can tell him everything if you are so fearless.

I don't know what he will do if he knows that I'm not Yvonne Gu. But if he knows that you ran away from the wedding..."

"Shut up!" Yvonne was red-faced. "I warn you if you tell others about this matter, I won't let you off!

And just leave Shining Company right now. No one likes you here."

"Don't worry." Autumn sneered and said, "I work here temporarily. When Charles employs an excellent secretary, I will leave in no time.

Are you done? If so, I have to go back now."

"Stop." When Autumn turned around and was about to leave, Yvonne stopped her. "Now I can allow you to work here. I'm going to invite Charles for dinner tonight. You should come with us."

"You invite him for dinner, but why are you asking me to go with you?" Autumn frowned and added, "I don't believe that you are very keen on inviting me to the dinner."

"Do you think I'm doing this on my will?" Yvonne wouldn't invite Autumn if Charles didn't insist. "You better remember my words. You come with us tonight. And then you should look for an excuse to leave first. I don't want to have dinner with you around."

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