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   Chapter 57 Gratitude

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"David..." Autumn felt uneasy to be called Mrs. Lu. She frowned and said, "Just call me Ye..."

After hesitating for a while, David responded, "It's..." 'Charles didn't want anyone in the company to know that she is his wife. It seems improper to call her Mrs. Lu.' David thought. Then, he nodded a yes and called, "Ye."

Hearing this, Autumn felt relieved and asked with a bright smile, "What's my duty here as the secretary of Mr. Lu?"

David flurried and replied, "Well... Listen to Mr. Lu's orders. Do whatever he asks you to do." He didn't dare assign tasks to Autumn. After all, she was Charles's wife. 'If I displease her, Charles would blame me for it.

Besides, Charles hasn't set up a post for personal secretary in the company. No one knows why he brought his wife in the company.' David reflected.

David took Autumn to the Secretary Department. There were two girls in the office. With Autumn and David, Charles had four secretaries in total. David said, "Your attention please..." He introduced Autumn to the two girls, "This is the personal secretary of Mr. Lu, Yvonne. You can call her... Ye."

'I can't call her Mrs. Lu as Charles doesn't want anyone in the company to know they are married.' David thought.

Autumn stood in front of the girls and introduced herself, "Hello, everyone. I'm Ye. I hope that we can get along well in the coming days."

"David, I don't think that Mr. Lu employed her to be his secretary. She looks more like..." At the sight of Autumn, the two young pretty secretaries became alert and restless. They decided to unite and be against Autumn. One girl said, "She is good-looking, but I'm not sure if she is a qualified secretary. Don't ask us to handle the trouble she makes later."

The other girl followed her and said, "Don't get us into trouble." The first girl grumbled while retouching her make-up, "We already have lots to deal with. We don't wan

married another woman, their hope was lit again. That was why they were so hostile towards Autumn.

Many women in the company envied them. As his secretary, they had the chance to meet Charles. But now another beautiful woman had come, who was a threat to their position. How could they be okay with it?

Autumn said with a smile on her face, "I'm okay with it." She gave David a satisfied glance to convince him, and added, "I like this seat. Don't worry about me."

David gave in to her and said, "Well, that's it." Then he walked to his seat.

Autumn had made a concession, but Jenny was still not satisfied with it. She said in a sarcastic tone, "You're a really good actor. But Mr. Lu will never like you."

Autumn ignored her words. She had no intention to work here in the first place, so she didn't mind what they had said to her.

In the meantime, Charles was impatiently staring at Yvonne in his office.

Today she wore new clothes and delicate make-up. However, Charles showed no interest in her.

He asked Yvonne coldly, "What are you doing here?"

Yvonne lowered her head, and replied gently, "Charles, I'm here to express my gratitude to you."

Charles furiously asked, "Gratitude? For what?" He didn't know what new game she was playing.

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