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   Chapter 52 Jealous Husband

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When they arrived at the hot pot restaurant, they saw that no private room was available. While Sam Lin frowned slightly, Autumn Ye walked over to a table by the window and sat down.

It is better to not sit in a private room. She could be much relaxed now.

"Take a seat." Autumn glanced at both of them and faintly said.

"Hey Autumn, should we try another restaurant?" Seeing how embarrassed Sam was getting, Chris Lu suggested.

Autumn buried herself in the menu, not caring about what Sam would think of her "No, this one is fine. I have an appointment later so just a quick bite would be fine."

"Have a seat." Sam pulled out a chair for Chris and sat on the other side of the table.

Autumn lowered her head when she ordered the food. She looked more beautiful with the light of the restaurant falling on her face.

It was quite crowded in the hot pot restaurant but Autumn looked extremely quiet. She just sat there in silence. It seemed as if there was some kind of calming power radiating from her.

"Excuse me. I need to use the ladies room." Chris stood up and said to Sam. Sam nodded slightly. He was waiting for a chance to talk to Autumn in private, and now Chris gave that chance to him.

Right after Chris left, Autumn also made an excuse to leave. She really didn't want to stay with Sam alone.

"Autumn, are you so afraid of me?"

Sam stopped Autumn. "I know I hurt you in those days, and I came back this time to make amends. Please don't take away this opportunity from me?"

"Sam, we are… I have moved on." Autumn hesitated again and again, and finally decided to talk.

Since he was already back in the country, they couldn't avoid seeing each other and it was not possible to dodge him forever. Evading things is not the best way to solve them. It would be better to confront bravely and work things out.

"Moved on?" Sam was startled. He barely

les, "Hi, I am Sam, so you're Chris's elder brother? I heard a lot about you from Chris."

Sam referred to him as Chris's elder brother instead of Autumn's husband.

"Yes." Charles briefly shook hands with him and drew his hand back. "Chris never mentioned you in front of me."

Sam didn't feel embarrassed because of what Charles said, "Since you are here, why not join us?"

"No, thanks." Charles refused. "I came to take my wife home."

He clasped Autumn's shoulder and claimed his dominance on her. "Yvonne, Grandpa is still expecting us home. Let's go home now."

"But..." Autumn was stunned. "What about Chris?"

Charles looked up at Sam. "Since you are the senior and her school fellow, would you please bring my sister back home later?"

"Of course." Sam clenched his fists tightly. Charles's hand on Autumn's shoulder looked very annoying to him, but Sam still wore a smile. "I will bring Chris back safe and sound."

"Thank you very much then." Hearing this, Charles took Autumn out of the hot pot restaurant without saying another word.

He was driving with a poker face all the way. Autumn knew that he was jealous, but she had no idea what to do. When they drove by the central park of Y City, Autumn asked Charles to pull over.

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