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   Chapter 51 What A Coincidence!

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"Yvonne, you know Mr. Lin?" Chris turned her head and took a look at Sam. Then she turned back and asked Autumn doubtfully.

She could see that there was something weird between Sam and Autumn.

"Little Ye, do you really have no intention of acknowledging me?" There was a sense of exhaustion and sadness in Sam's voice. He knew he shouldn't have left her, but he had a reason.

He finally managed to return to his country. However, now Autumn was someone else's wife.

While Autumn was hesitating, Sam already stood in front of her. She sighed and gave a stubborn smile, "Hi, Sam. It's been a long time."

It was a simple greeting, yet contained mixed feelings.

Autumn still looked the same, but her eyes were full of strangeness and alienation. Sam didn't really like her reaction.

"It's been a long time." He forced a smile.

"Yvonne, Mr. Lin, how do you know each other?" Chris looked back and forth between Autumn and Sam in confusion. There was a strange atmosphere between them, but Chris couldn't tell why. "Yvonne, why did Mr. Lin call you Little Ye? Is that your nickname?"

"Well, she..." Sam was about to answer, but Autumn interrupted him, "When we were kids, he used to call me that."

He used to call her Little Ye because her surname was Ye. But she was "Yvonne Gu" now.

"I get it." Chris nodded, "You've known each other since childhood."

"Let's drop it." Autumn felt guilty and changed the subject, "Chris, how did you know Sam?"

"We..." Chris blushed a bit. Autumn immediately understood what was on her mind. Sam was just as handsome and rich as Charles. It was not surprising, Chris liked Sam.

Chris stole a glance at Sam with a blushing face and explained, "Mr. Lin was my senior and helped me a lot when I studied abroad. He came back to start a company not long ago.

ong time, but he didn't know her taste at all.

"Mr. Lin, are you... childhood friend with Yvonne?" Sam and Chris followed Autumn. Chris tried to make a conversation to get close to Sam.

Sam talked to Chris only because he wanted to know more about Autumn. Their topics were always about Autumn.

Chris smiled, "We were neighbours when we were kids. She used to come over for meals. "

"Oh, so that's it." Chris nodded to Sam.

Sam smiled and asked, "How did your brother get to know Little Ye?"

"They never met each other before the wedding. Yvonne got married to my brother not long ago. She is a wonderful lady. My grandpa and I like her, so does my brother." Chris smiled and sighed, "What a coincidence!"

"Indeed." Sam clenched his fist tightly and thought to himself, 'If I did come back earlier, would she have been married to me?'

He was just one step behind.

Sam fixated his eyes on Autumn. He didn't want to give up.

He had loved her since he was a teenager.

"Mr. Lin..." Chris was about to say something, but Sam interrupted her, "Chris, though I'm your boss now, I need your help. Just call me Sam. I feel weird being called Mr. Lin."

"Okay, Sam." Chris blushed again.

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